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Sydney Digital Marketing Agency Marketing Manager
Sydney Digital Marketing Agency Marketing Manager

You need a supportive, outcome-driven digital marketing partner

You’re the marketing manager for a well-established, growing business. Your job is to increase brand awareness, generate quality leads and boost revenue. You’re good at what you do and have an exciting big-picture goal. Now you just need to get there.

Managing all facets of marketing for the business, there’s never enough time to delve deep into any one area. You’d love to implement a range of ideas but you’re low on resources, working to a tight budget and you’re always chasing a moving target. How can you get the results you need?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Because partnering with inhouse marketing teams is our jam. Here to support you with proven marketing strategies, our expertise and experience with outsourced digital marketing drives your success and makes more money for the business. Win-win!

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Ultra-targeted campaigns that give you a better return on spend.

Developing and implementing well-planned marketing strategies, we ensure that you get the best ROI on every campaign.* But first? We take the time to understand your business, the market you operate in, and your customers. We then combine this intricate research with our specialist marketing prowess to skyrocket your marketing results.

*Disclaimer: Outsourcing your digital marketing to SDM may result in Employee of the Year nominations, hero-worshipping and gold statues being erected in your honour around the office.

We give you the strategic direction you need to soar

When you’re managing ALL the marketing things across a growing business, it can be tricky to stay focused, remain strategic and make sure your efforts are continually aligned.

That’s where we come in. As your experts in outsourced digital marketing, we provide you with clarity and specific expertise. Delving deep into the digital marketing techniques that will get the outcomes you need, we work with you to set clear objectives. We look at your big picture goals and break these down into actionable tasks. Then, as your right-hand team, we work with you to execute, test and refine each campaign, ensuring each one delivers a high-performance outcome.
strategic direction

What our clients are saying

Our 3 step strategy that converts $1 spend into $3, $4 or more

Understanding your business as well as the triggers that will get your ideal customers to act, we go above and beyond to make your marketing budget work exceptionally well for you.
Working tirelessly to drive qualified leads directly to your site, we deliver a 3X return on spend. And, through our intelligent attribution tracking system, we’re able to tell you exactly where each lead originated from.

Like to know now ? Gather in, Because here's our 3 step process


Setup for success

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Campaigns that

Our crew of elite campaign engineers have been in the back-seat, now it’s time for them to drive. All hands on deck, they apply in-depth audience and keyword research to craft a clever advertising campaign. (Fortunately we speak Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube fluently).

In combination with our customised SEO roadmap, we generate both high quality leads through paid advertising and lift your organic traffic from day one. But the journey doesn’t end here. We then refine your content to speak directly to your most engaged following, compelling them to click, subscribe, buy or simply say hello!

Giving you access to our real time custom reporting dashboard, you also get your own seat too.


Scale up

Having sustainable long-term growth in mind, one of the most important tasks is to get the foundations right. Before we take off, we need to look under the hood, understand your current marketing strategy so we can identify new opportunities and get your ship ready for the journey.
We also make sure your website can handle all the traffic we will attract. Setting up your high-performance sales funnel, we make sure no leads get lost in space and that the customer experience is seamless. Fasten your seat belts, it’s time for lift off.
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Innovative, tech-savvy & forward-looking

Always thinking outside the box, we’re early to adopt new technology. We’re also quick to move on new ideas. But rest assured, before we recommend any strategy to you, we test and refine it on our own business first. That way, we know exactly how it works, who it will work best for and how to optimise it to gain the best results.

You’re always in the loop with our concise, real-time reporting

Need to know the ROAS
(Return On Ad Spend) for
your Facebook

Want to see how well
your lead magnet is

Need to check the CTR
(Click-through Rate) on
your latest email

Say goodbye to tediously long reporting applications. Yawn! And say hello (with open arms) to our user-friendly, real-time reporting system.

With all your marketing stats ready to view at the click of a button, you can generate a stress-free, lightning-fast report. (Especially handy for when your boss needs that surprise marketing update, and they need it, like… yesterday).

Your advisor, cheerleader and
dynamic doer. We've 100% got you.

Think of us as your go-to marketing partner, whose number one goal is to support your success. We listen to you, brainstorm with you, challenge you and provide trusted guidance. Always.

Right by your side, we help you develop, execute and optimise your marketing plan. Providing you with insightful updates, you always know exactly how your campaigns are tracking. This ensures you remain in the captain’s seat at all times.

A seamless extension of your team, we’re open, honest and super-easy (also fun) to work with.

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Increase in conversions from organic search
Search Engine Marketing,
Web Design & Dev
Lift in paid search traffic for the same budget
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev
Reduction in cost per lead from paid social
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing
Increase in paid search conversions
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev


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