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Local SEO

Be the leading business in your locale with a Google Business Profile that screams ‘We’re Here!’

Content Marketing

Boost organic traffic to blog content that answers questions and drives your brand as authority.

SEO Web Refresh

Give your website a kiss of life, sales, marketing and SEO with a complete SEO website refresh.

Be Google’s Best Friend

Visibility, Authority, Conversions

Did you know the performance of your Google Ads is also linked to your website SEO? Creating strategic, industry-relevant content on your website means more performing keywords for ads. At Sydney Digital Marketing Agency™, our team of SEO services experts get your brand listing at #1 for keywords that you may not even know about.


On-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO. Get your SEO strategy in tip-top shape from foreground to background.


Working to gain traction long-term, not just in short bursts. Set your business up for consistent growth through strategic action.


Focusing on driving traffic and leads, we create content that proves to your audience that you’re the choice to work with.

Lead Generation for Big & Small

BMW Sydney was. client of Sydney Digital Marketing Agency for 6 years
Sydney Digital Marketing Agency looks aftre the marketing for Ivory Group - a premier Recruitment agency in Sydney
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Susanne Rauer
Susanne Rauer
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“Sydney Digital Marketing Agency is simply the best! I am SUPER happy with the design, the functionality, automation and performance of my digital marketing and website they built.”
David Goudkamp
David Goudkamp
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“The service from SDM has been impeccable. They run all our Digital Marketing – SEO, SEM, built our website and CRM. They’re always available and have new ideas. We’ve got full trust in their abilities.”
Bobbi Simonds
Bobbi Simonds
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“Google PPC is an important channel for us. Therefore, having a partner with deep knowledge and experience is vital. SDM has the people with such talent, and have consistently worked hard for us to extract the results we require”
Matt Clarke
Matt Clarke
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Simon, Ben and the SDM team are passionate,smart digital marketeers. They transformed our SEO and website analytics. No hesitation in recommending them as an agency partner.
Giles Keay
Giles Keay
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I could not recommend Simon and his entire team enough to anyone considering undertaking any aspect of digital marketing and design for their business. Thank you.
Tony Dunphy
Tony Dunphy
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SDM worked with us setting up our Hubspot Sales system and were an incredible resource [..] Their automation knowledge and capabilities really set us on the road to success[..] I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Keyword Optimisation

When you need to know anything, you Google it. When you need something, you Google it. You can be confident you’ll be seen first thanks to our exhaustive keyword research and SEO-minded content specialists to advise you the most seamless way to expand your keyword authority.

We are experts in identifying areas of growth for you and your website to maximise effectiveness for search engines – this is because a huge contributing factor to SEO agency services nowadays is user experience understanding.

Not only this, but we keep you updated on the latest trends, and educate you in basic maintenance and best practice so you can be better, smarter and wiser as we go along.

Keyword Optimisation by an SEO agency

3 Steps to Growth

Start Your Discovery

Contact us today to start your process of brand & consumer discovery, learning and strategising.

Get Your Blueprint

Receive your full marketing strategy created by your team of creative, strategic & analytical brains.

Start Your Discovery

Sit back and reap the rewards of a search engine optimisation agency that practices what they promise.

Start Your Discovery

Contact us today to start your process of brand & consumer discovery, learning and strategising.

Get Your Blueprint

Receive your full marketing strategy created by your team of creative, strategic & analytical brains.

Keep On Growing

Sit back and reap the rewards of a Search Engine marketing agency that practices what they promise.

The Digital Marketing

Looking for more leads and sales but not sure what digital marketing services are for you? Search engine optimisation is just the beginning.

You could be utilising our team of marketing, design, UX & email marketing specialists that create a full strategy based uniquely on your brand, industry and most importantly, consumers. All in one place and at your fingertips, always.

Astronaut Floating in the Digital Marketing Journey

Branding, design, content & marketing.


Sales, CRM, website performance & SEO.


Branding, tone of voice, SEO & copywriting.

SEO That Works

Increase in conversions from organic search
Search Engine Marketing,
Web Design & Dev
Lift in paid search traffic for the same budget
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev
Reduction in cost per lead from paid social
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing
Increase in paid search conversions
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev

Frequently Asked Questions

Ranking at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can give your business the push it needs to register with your target audience. That’s why you need to reach out to customers that are in the market to buy goods related to your business. Being the first brand on the SERP list sends the message that your company is the first to answer customer queries and questions. If your website is ranked first, it is because Google has deemed that you can answer the customer’s question best – based on your analysed website. If people can’t find your business online, you simply don’t exist to the customer. Including an SEO strategy is a vital part of your marketing campaign success, and should be used as best practice whenever possible.

In a nutshell, on-page SEO refers to techniques that focus on factors of your website under your control to optimise the reach of individual pages. Off-page SEO focuses on strategies that optimise factors behind the scenes of your website like brand mentions and backlinks. Another way of looking at it is that on-page SEO ensures search crawlers know what the website is and that it is relevant, useful and worthy of ranking high up on the SERP. At the same time, off-page SEO works to show crawlers that a website is valuable and authoritative and therefore worthy of a high ranking due to its credibility.

When optimised and leveraged Google Business Profile (GBP) can serve as an essential tool to get your site to the top of Google rankings. Even more, doing Local SEO for your GBP can provide you with a great opportunity to get more views, clicks, and actions from posting localised content. Unfortunately most businesses forget about optimising their business profile and are missing out on maximising the full potential of this feature. An optimised GBP listing shares a snapshot of your business that highlights your best features and provides quick accessibility to potential customers so they can not only find you but learn about, and engage with you! Basically, it tells people what you do and where you do it. An up to date and optimised GBP ensures accuracy, an opportunity for customer acquisition and will mean its potential as a significant ranking factor is not wasted! Gathering positive reviews and a prevalent profile all help Google’s ranking algorithm take notice of your business’s credibility and authenticity to encourage that top ranking result!

Maybe you have already spent ages trying to guess what keywords you need to include in your site’s content in a bid to attract free traffic and boost your SEO. At a professional SEO company like SDM, we use third-party software to create and monitor your website for related industry keywords. We then compare this to your industry competitors and analyse areas for improvement. Strategies will then be applied to continuously improve content on your site through SEO optimisation. By reviewing the competition in your space we can begin to identify the market opportunity as well as look for trends and successes being used by others in your industry. Think of it as a secret team of spies perring into your competitors website and sales strategy without them knowing . shhh .. we can’t say more than that here. We’re also not afraid to tell you if your website isn’t cutting it! Should you give us the keys to the car (and are open to creating a kick-ass website), we will help to structure your site for increased readability and user experience – two key variables Google and Bing use to index your site. Should you want it too, we also have copywriters who are trained and experienced in creating effective website copy that feature industry related keywords.

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of various search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings. Important elements of Technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture. Basically if your technical SEO isn’t up to par you are greatly hindering your ability to rank nice and high. Your site needs to be crawled and indexed so any roadblocks in this process means a roadblock in your climb to the top of the SERP. It’s a pretty complex process but our SEO specialists are across it all from optimising robots.txt to website speed.

Google’s ranking algorithm is complex and takes a number of factors into account. Backlinks are a vital, top ranking factor yet are often ignored by businesses who believe SEO just involves entering a few keywords into the website copy here and there. Link building is an important part of a holistic SEO strategy that we preach can help you achieve the high visibility and rankings you are after. Put simply, backlinks are links from a page on one website to another. When Google crawls your website it views backlinks as a sign that your content is of high value and authority. They’re basically a vote of confidence meaning the more quality backlinks you have the more likely you will rank on the glorious first page. The actual link building process is complex and our SEO specialists in Australia are constantly looking for new ways to earn high-quality links to benefit your overall SEO strategy.