Our Approach

For our clients, our clients’ customers and beyond

Jan Zwerina - Sydney Digital Marketing
Jan Zwerina - Sydney Digital Marketing

How do we consistently deliver first-class digital campaigns? It’s all in our approach.

We serve your business as if it’s our own

Our team values longstanding relationships with our clients. To deliver our signature first-class digital campaigns for your business, we need to first gain a deep understanding of it.

Your audience, your market, your past successes (or failures), your competition, what motivates your prospects to become clients, what problem do you solve and whole lot more. 

And, once we have these invaluable insights? 

We work tirelessly to get you the same results that we get for our own business.

You see, just like you, we’re also in the business of growing our business. 

Getting your marketing budget to work for you, we’re able to convert $1 of your marketing spend into $5, $10, $20 or more in revenue. Now, that’s a win!

Giving you measurable results, a solid return on investment and a partnership that fully supports your ongoing success; this is all in a day’s work for our team.



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Solution Centric Digital Campaigns
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Our processes are streamlined and

Each and every Sydney Digital Marketing process is developed with one ultimate goal in mind – to generate a high return on your investment.

From identifying your ideal audience to designing a sales funnel and growing your customer database, our processes are driven by the results you want to achieve.


We bring you in on the journey and give you a front seat pass to see our work in action.

From digital campaigns, to digital strategy and beyond, we ensure that all the cogs are running smoothly – tried and true thanks to the testing we carry out on ourselves before we let it anywhere near our clients.

That’s because we know the digital space is anything but straightforward for many, but our processes and expertise are the reason you fly smoothly from ideation to launch.

Our Customer2 Journey focus is

Always placing you first, we’re a tiny bit obsessed with the customer journey.

Why? Because we love our clients. We love helping you. We love watching you grow your business into your very own empire. 

We also know that for you to achieve sustainable success, your customers’ journey needs to also be incredible. That’s why we always take it a step further, looking beyond the immediate triumph to the long-term win.
It makes sense really, doesn’t it? We’re here for you, you’re there for them. That’s how this incredible relationship works, we support you so you can serve your customers with confidence that their needs are being met in every stage of their digital customer journey.


Sydney Digital Marketing Approach


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We are responsive and
communicate openly

Quick to respond to your marketing needs, we’re always on hand to share our expertise, offer you valuable advice and ensure your digital campaigns are fully optimised. Combining our agency know-how with our client-side experience, we provide you with first-hand, proven recommendations.
We use a range of platforms, best suited to open communication and transparency. The team is strong, confident and bold, so we promise you, we don’t need to hide.

Innovation and adaptability are our
second (and third) names

Unlike our parents, technology excited the hell out of us. No fear, ready to dive in and explore what’s out there, (for the betterment of our clients, of course).


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Taking your Digital Campaigns to the Space


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We give your digital campaigns our full and unwavering attention

Did you know we only work with 15 to 20 clients at a time? This is so we can stay fully committed to helping you win your digital goals. While you attract leads, increase sales and maximise your online presence, we’re 100% focused on your business ensuring everything is running smoothly at all times.
Our account managers, digital campaign engineers and the entire SDM crew pride themselves on providing you with the best customer experience and being on hand to help you turn your ideas into reality, answering any tech-q’s along the way.

We apply our cross-industry knowledge
to deliver mind-blowing results

You’re here because you want to grow your business. And, given our experience in almost every industry, you can trust that we know how to do this for you.

We take you, and start you on your own digital journey, bringing you understanding and knowledge. We’re not a do-it-all-for-you agency because we know the more brains the better. We care about fostering your ideas and fusing them with ours to deliver better experiences and of course, the best results possible.


Sydney Digital Marketing mission