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Great Digital Marketing Experts – I am very happy with the design, the functionality, the automation and the performance of my new website.

Susanne Rauer | CEO | GAIA Coaching

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With GAIA Coaching, Susanne Rauer has established a boutique institution that provides highly personalised executive coaching experiences. The focus of GAIA Coaching lies in empowering results-driven leaders in Sydney to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals faster through conscious leadership and self-awareness.


With ambitious business growth objectives planned, GAIA Coaching and Sydney Digital Marketing have further intensified their partnership to boost traffic and generate high-quality leads through a powerful SEO strategy in combination with Google advertising. Prior to launching the digital marketing strategy , Sydney Digital designed and built a new online presence for GAIA Coaching focussing on outstanding user experience and elegant design.

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To achieve GAIA Coaching’s business objectives, Sydney Digital introduced a multi-layered SEO strategy to expand their digital footprint with Google and Bing and to lift search ranking positions to page one in order to direct more potential clients to their website.
This included but was not limited to the following:

We complemented our SEO initiative with a Google Ads campaign to achieve additional visibility in the search results.


Over the first 6 months of the execution of our SEO roadmap, we have attracted 348% more new website users in comparison to the previous period. These have resulted in a 256% growth in conversions from organic search. Offering SEO optimised high value content to website visitors has improved the bounce rate to 26% which equals a decrease by 60%.

Due to the success of our SEO roadmap, we were able to minimise the spend on our Google ads campaign so that GAIA Coaching could still handle the influx of leads.

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