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“SDM has been the perfect partner for us. They are results-driven, detail-oriented, and work with the utmost integrity.  All things we value greatly. We cannot recommend them more highly.”

Kristy Collins | Business Support Manager | Parental Stress Centre

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Parental Stress Centre (PSC) is a leading Australian organisation supporting the parenting community. They have worked with over 20,000 parents, carers, and professionals and helped more than 3,000 families with autistic children, aged three years right into adulthood, improve their daily lives. PSC reached out to us expressing the challenges they faced, including a lack of internal resources and poor results from a previous agency.


PSC needed a robust digital marketing strategy to generate high-quality enquiries and drive traffic to help them grow their revenue and market share in the NDIS space in Australia. We conducted an extensive discovery workshop to understand their buyer personas, and developed a customised approach for their digital marketing efforts.

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Parental Stress Centre faced significant challenges due to a lack of internal resources and poor performance from a previous agency. To address these issues, we ran an extensive discovery workshop and worked closely with PSC to truly understand their buyer personas. We created a main buyer persona, which guided our customised approach to digital marketing. Our strategy aimed to generate 280 Autism Parenting Program paid enrolments per advertising round, achieving a 4.6 ROAS. Our comprehensive approach included the following:


By applying various creative and copywriting tests for social media advertising, we were able to narrow down the most effective approach, resulting in excellent outcomes for PSC:

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