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Say hello to your powerful, intuitive, mobile-first, UX-inspired website. Brought together by the best tech, design and copy minds. Make your audience have no choice but to convert.

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Foreground to background, everything is thought of.

We preach good SEO at Sydney Digital Marketing, so why do so many companies design sites that are nice on the eyes – but fail in the eyes of Google? Trust us when we say there’s more to a great website than just good looks.

The Google AI now focuses highly on ranking websites with a better user experience. User Experience design has to take into account not only the traffic we bring to your site – but the length of which they have meaningful interactions with your website.

Pushing your audience to convert, plus giving them a meaningful, authentic interaction with your brand is our main goal (while of course making it look damn good at the same time).

From website design to logo and brand ideation, we build you a tool shed full of tools for you to use to give your customers the best experience at every stage of their digital customer journey. We’ve seen incredible results for our clients, growing their audience and customer base tenfold, all thanks to a site that focuses solely on your potential users.

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Your online ‘round the clock’

More than just a shop front for your business, your website is your online ‘round the clock’ salesperson. It’s quite often the first interaction anyone has with your brand – so it makes sense to make it the very best version of you.

At Sydney Digital Marketing, we’re a web design agency who prides themselves on getting to know the nitty-gritty of your brand, business and your audience, and melding these together to create magic that makes your potential customers convert.
Make your website something you’re proud of.

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Our Clients

Our Clients
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Stories Sell. This is Ours.

Sydney Digital Marketing was birthed in 2012, and since then has launched into the digital space thanks to the success of our many happy clients.

In the years since inception, we have grown to a team of 12 tech heads, mastering the arts of search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM) and design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and email marketing.

Rather than just a marketing agency, we preach our customers² approach, driven by creating meaningful interactions between our customers (our clients) and our customers’ customers (hence the ²).

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Web Design & Development
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To us, marketing is just the half of it. We study your overall customer journey and identify areas for improvement so that when we serve you customers on a silver platter, they’ll be primed and happy.

More than just a marketing agency, at Sydney Digital Marketing we are your partner in growth. Working with businesses of all sizes to generate leads and sales, because what we specialise in is understanding your business, and making your marketing budget work for you – turning $1 of marketing spend into $3 revenue.

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Thank you to Simon, Kerri and the entire team at SDM for their artistic eye and professionalism delivering our new website. SDM went above and beyond to accommodate our requests. Highly recommended

Eric Cheung | Managing Director | Dr. Du Education

Our Expertise

Step 1: Your mobile site.
Step 2: Everything else.
Responsive design experts,
mobile first, then we
axpand to everywhere else.
driven layout
No fluffy stuff, we know what
you’re online for, and we want
to help you get it.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Users matter the most!
Make their experience on
your site a dream.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Don’t rely on users’
patience to stick around. Instant
gratification is a must!
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Foreground to
Beauty isn’t always on the
outside. Make sure that
everything you see, and
everything you don’t see, is
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
The online space is always
evolving, we make sure your
site doesn't get left in the dust.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

User Experience & Layout
The structure of your website should be shaped around the user’s progression through your site pages – providing constant intuitive functionality to tasks. Effective layouts are simple and highly straightforward, with information laid out in a logical sequence to produce uncluttered answers for the customer. This all should be executed alongside a visually appealing theme that suits your business.

Content & Theme
Overall colour schemes and fonts should reflect your business’ professionalism, while alluding to your personality. To create a look that is identifiably you, it is important that your overarching visual theme is unique, engaging and pleasant. The message that you convey using these fonts and visuals should support your website copy. Your choice of words when you wish to inform or direct the customer is vital to nudging the customer to make a purchase decision. SEO also plays a role in your content and design, as your design will be assessed based on written content and heading layout.

Effective website design needs to reflect your product specifications. If your website only requires images with minimal text to sell your products then your design should be orientated to use visuals. In all instances of design, website functionality is crucial, as it isn’t only what accentuates your products best, but what the customer expects when they visit your site. You don’t want to scare your customers off with functions that confuse them.

Absolutely! If you already have a website that you simply aren’t happy with then you can keep it live whilst SDM works to design and develop a site that actually fits your business needs, this means at no point are you unsearchable. The process of swapping the old site for the new one is fairly simple and can be done quickly to ensure maximum visibility.

You are assigned a Project Manager, Website Designer, Website Developer (WordPress Specialist and/or Shopify Specialist), SEO Expert plus have access to experienced copywriters, photographers, videographers and we’ll happily source other services you may require.

When it comes to a brilliant website however, it’s important to have all brains on the tools and be aware of the ways in which Google ranks your website. With extensive User Experience research and practice, we learn from your previous and potential audience to find out what they want, what they need AND what they love. This enables us to get a grasp on how to best deliver a design that makes your audience convert. UX comes down to everything, design, headings, buttons, copywriting, page speed and extensive customer journey mapping to bring it all together to make it make ultimate sense. Befriending Google in the best way comes down to a series of things like page-speed, meta, internal linking and so, SO much more, lucky for you we’re on top of all of this too.

We’ve got the design, we’ve got the copy, now we use the best of the latest technology available to bring the project to life – being a WPEngine partner, we are committed to WordPress as we know it WORKS! Plus – 38% of the web is built on WordPress. We live by transparent project management tools like Monday.com and Slack, online feedback tools for quick turnaround (used during the design and website development stages).

100%. Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial nowadays. Your customers are using mobile devices to access Google, in fact more than 60% of searches are now carried out on a mobile device! The last thing we want to do is limit our clients potential and reach so a site designed and developed by SDM is one that is just as flawless on mobile as it is on desktop.

On top of just ensuring you can reach your mobile customers, having a website that has been optimised for mobile users is super important for SEO. Mobile-friendliness is a high ranking factor for Google’s algorithm and we want to ensure all our clients rank highly on the SERP.

Your website is an important touch point with potential leads and can form that crucial first impression.The average customer will take just 6 seconds to assess your brand image and decide whether or not your website and products are worth their time. These 6 seconds are an extremely important stage between your ads and your final call to action on customer purchases. A poorly designed website, or a generic non-user friendly template, can act as a serious roadblock in your credibility and authority. Evidently, getting your website right is crucial to ROI during the final conversion of your sale.

We recognise the importance of a website that works for you. We work hard to design websites with seamless functionality, responsive navigation and of course, aesthetic beauty. With 4.88 billion internet users we know the potential a great website can have in acquiring leads and sales. There is a vast digital world out there and we don’t want you missing out on it.

A basic website? Probably not a lot. A website that ticks all the boxes like fast-loading, mobile-first, UX-centred, revenue-boosting, Google-befriending, SEO-driven, front-page-awarding website? A little bit more than not a lot, but the value you get from it is exponential.

A future-proof website comes down to way more than just a good looking homepage. It’s the bigger boxes we tick that allow you to invest into your online round-the-clock salesperson to contribute not only paid leads, but organic (and essentially free) leads. It’s all about being where your customer is, and being what they want in order to convert. It’s having the brainpower behind your site and the millions of different customer journeys and touchpoints that take place on your website, and understanding them so we can optimise and most importantly SELL your product or service.

It’s how we know that the feeling of having a brand spanking new website and quality customers, will far outweigh the initial spend to get you there.

At SDM we believe excellent web design and development should include:

Quality UX design and customer centricity – Our websites are designed with your customer journey in mind. We preach a brilliant customer experience and specifically coined – we implement DCX Website Design (around the digital customer experience) into every project.

Superior UI design – Poor UI (User Interface) can boost or hinder your customer journey. Strong UI means fewer problems, increased user involvement, and seamless functionality that builds the relationship between your customers and your website.

Expert development – The coding and building process behind every website is integral to its functionality. Every website design should have a strong development team aiming to turn the vision into a reality.

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Web Design & Dev
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Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev
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Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing
Increase in paid search conversions
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev

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