Let’s discuss below how you can get the digital marketing results you're after.

We live in an always on world. The digital marketing environment is being driven by the connected consumer - not you the business or brand. Companies must challenge the status quo to remain competitive. So how do you know if your digital marketing results are truly successful ?

Are you exhausted by playing around with your campaigns and not knowing what’s working when you make changes?

Let spend 3 minutes right now looking at some key at a glance indicators we check every day for our own campaigns and those of our clients,

Now it all depends on your objectives but let’s explore the 2 main ones - awareness and sales. Sales could also be enquiries or leads.

Important Acronyms

I’d like to talk about Facebook and Google just for the next few minutes. And I’m going to let you know now -   we are going to be talking about a few acronyms. CTR - which is the click through ratio of your ads. CPM which is the cost to show your ad - 1000 times. And Relevance Score - a score out of 10 for your Facebook ads. In Google Adwords this is called the quality score. Now don’t forget CPC which is your cost per click. And lastly your conversion rate. This the percentage of people who actually take an action on your website - whether that be a transaction or an enquiry.

So without going into all the detail, if you are looking at your ads campaigns, these are really good top level indicators to scan on a daily basis:

  • CTR
  • CPM
  • CPC

You should look back week on week to identify trends with your campaigns. CTR is the one you want to see going up. CPC and CPM are the things you want to see coming down on a weekly or monthly basis.


Both Google and Facebook use intelligent algorithms to manage your ad performance. Therefore you need to allow these algorithms time to learn where  you are getting the best performance for your ads. We would say at an absolute minimum it takes a week if not 2 weeks for the algorithm to learn where to place your ad. So don’t make any adjustments to your campaign for at least 7 days, unless you are really sure that you have massive fail. Otherwise the algorithm needs to start learning again.

But on the flip side if your campaign is time critical - ensure you allow enough time for your creative to be approved. You don’t lose half of Friday waiting for approvals for your Friday only sale.

Digital Marketing Results - Image 2

Facebook Relevance Score

Your ad score - as mentioned Facebook have what they call a relevance score. You would be amazed at the difference in performance and cost between an ad that scores a 7 vs an ad that scores a 5.

How do you  get a higher relevance score?

Well that comes down to great engaging content that is “relevant” to the audience.

How do you know to pick the right audience?

Trial and error. You can make a guess as to who you think would be the best types of audiences. Build your campaign exclusively to target several separate audiences. Then monitor the relevance score for each. Hit me up in the comments if you need to find the relevance score in your Facebook ads manager.

Google Quality Score

In Google adwords you are looking for a quality score on your keywords. Again its out of ten and Google determines this by looking at the keyword and how relevant the page is that you are sending people to.  The more specific the page is and relevant to the keyword the better the score the more often your ad will be shown. And the Cost Per Click - CPC will come down. Again this all goes towards improving your digital marketing results

Google Analytics

And finally when you check your stats in Google Analytics you are looking to see that time on your website is increasing -  vs say 3 months ago. This generally means better quality and more engaged website visitors. Also make sure you are tracking goal events. Again hit me up in the comments if you don’t have this set up and we can walk you through it. Another analytics tip is to track how your traffic is going from Google Organic search. No matter how much advertising you are doing its always a good indicator if traffic from organic search is growing. It means your brand awareness is lifting.

So guys hit us up with a like if that was useful and live me a comment below if you have a question .Next week - Content marketing what is is it and how do you get it right? This is the Hustle I’m Simon Gould, we are Sydney Digital Marketing - we help business make more sense of their digital marketing.