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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads
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The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads: How To Optimize Your Campaign For Maximum Results

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Google Ads Is A Mainstay In Digital Marketing. Here’s How To Leverage It…

It’s no secret that Google is the top search engine out there. Recent data from May 2022 showed that Google managed to generate a staggering 89 billion visits. This popularity among online users is what makes it such an excellent advertising platform for businesses looking to get in front of consumers. Of course, the proof doesn’t stop at the number of visits. Research shows that 63 percent of users have clicked on Google Ads, that a Google Ads account can help you generate twice as many visitors in comparison to your SEO strategy, and that they deliver an 8:1 return on investment. Simply put, advertising using a Google Ads campaign can be an excellent way to build brand awareness and drive action. The problem? Those who are unfamiliar with this platform might not know where to begin when they want to run Google Ads for themselves. If you’re ready to get more out of your marketing efforts, the Google Ads guide below will provide you with everything you need to know about Google Ads, how it works, and how you can get the most out of this advertising solution offered by Google. Let’s dive in!

What Is Google Ads (PPC) And How Does It Work?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a solution in which you bid on certain keywords for the opportunity to have your advertisements displayed on Google SERPs.

If you’re already familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), you know that certain keywords will trigger Google to show the most relevant content it has indexed. With Google Ads, it’s essentially the same principle. When people use a certain keyword, your ad will appear at the top of the SERPs to encourage users to click on it.

Before we dive into how the bidding process works, you might be curious as to what the process of creating Google Ads looks like. Using Google Ads services is quite easy, and there are plenty of Google Ads examples out there that you can draw inspiration from. All you have to do for successful Google Ads management and creation is:

There are other Google Ads services that you might wish to take advantage of as well, like Google Ads Manager. Google Ads Manager offers more dynamic ad experiences, better analytics tools, and advanced protection.

How Do Google Ads Auctions Work?

The concept of bidding on Google Ads is one that can confuse many business owners. Is it like a live auction? How does it work? What kind of issues am I going to experience along the way?

Most business owners will be excited to learn that Google Ads auctions are a lot less complex and difficult to navigate than they initially sound. Additionally, learning how to develop a strong bid strategy for Google Ads, minimize Google Ads cost, and get the most out of your Google Ads campaign is quite simple as well.

To begin, let’s look into the factors that will impact your success in keyword auctions.

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics when it comes to knowing what will matter most when you participate in an auction, it’s time to cover the various auctioning methods. There are two types of bidding methods: Maximize Clicks and manual cost-per-click (CPC) bidding.

The former allows you to establish a budget cap so that Google Ads can help you determine the maximum number of clicks you can get with that budget. If you want to be able to set it and forget it, automated bidding might be best for you. Meanwhile, manual CPC bidding helps you maintain full control over how much you’re spending and for which keywords.

For those who are new to Google Ads, there are a host of simulators that can help you assess the quality of your ads, determine how much you might need to spend in order to get the placements that you need, and discover which keywords might be a better fit for your Google Ads campaigns.

It’s very important to keep in mind that you might not always win the auction, and there are a lot of moving pieces involved in why this can happen. If you’ve run all the simulations and double and triple-checked your ad campaigns to ensure that everything is right, you might still encounter difficulty with ad visibility as a result of:

Getting used to Google Ads can take some time, but the above will help you better understand how it works so that you know what goes into winning these auctions and securing your ads on relevant SERPs.

What You Should Know About Display Vs. Search Ads

When you start working on your Google Ads campaign, there are going to be multiple types of ads you can choose from to get your business in front of search engine users. The two top popular choices that you need to know about are display ads and search ads.

You might leverage one type of ad over the other depending on your marketing goals. Let’s take a quick look at Google display ads vs search ads, what they achieve, and the advantages and disadvantages of each when using them in your Google Ads.

It’s important to remember that your Google Ads campaign might feature a healthy mix of various types of advertisements.

Perhaps you want to make sure that you’re cultivating a greater awareness around your products and services, using search ads to help you reach your goals. Then, you might choose display ads to help you convert those that have seen your ads and sought you out but never quite managed to make it through the sales funnel.

Looking for something a bit more local? Another Google Ads option is the maps ad. A maps ad serves to help your prospective customers see where you are on the map when you turn up on SERPs.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business that heavily relies on the business of locals and those in nearby areas, this can be an essential type of ad in your campaign as well.

No matter your business’s needs, there are several types of ads that you can employ in order to ensure that you’re attracting users to your business and even engaging them again so they don’t slip through the cracks.

Understanding Google Ads Quality Score And How It Impacts You

We touched briefly on Quality Score earlier in this guide, and it’s important that we return to it as it will offer major support as you move forward in your Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads Quality Score is a diagnostic tool designed to give you a clearer idea of how effective your keywords and ads are. Quality Score is calculated by the expected click-through rate of your ads, ad relevance, and landing page experience (relevance and usefulness).

Quality Score offers three ranks, which include above average, average, and below average. If you end up with the second or third score, that means there’s room for improvement in your current ad campaign. Fortunately, you can leverage the many tools offered by Google Ads to navigate these scores and figure out where you can improve.

How do you access the Quality Score tool? All you have to do is:

Now, with all of this said, it’s also important to talk about some of the characteristics of an ad that will not impact whether or not it’s shown. For example, some might believe that factors like bidding higher (which can affect ranking but not ad quality), the frequency with which ads are shown, account structure, and reported conversions can have an impact.

While these might make sense to some degree, the good news is that none of these will impact ad quality. Google is only focused on the quality of your ads and the content contained within!

How To Create A Microsoft Ads Campaign

As a business owner, you might like to diversify where you spend your time and your money. After all, there are several types of search engines that you can tap into to get word of your business out there.

If you’ve been doing your research, you might have come across Microsoft Ads (previously known as Bing Ads). Before you sign up for any ad service, it’s always important to remember that there are pros and cons to using each one.

For example, Microsoft Ads allows you to tap into a wide range of channel partners that might be helpful to your business. These include AOL, Bing, and even Yahoo. Additionally, Microsoft Ads can often be cheaper than Google Ads.

That being said, Microsoft Ads doesn’t allow you to translate ads into as many languages as Google Ads, has an overall lower search volume than Bing, and is typically behind Google in terms of innovation and new features. Taking the time to weigh the advantages is critical to your overall success.

If you decide that Microsoft Ads is right for you, how can you get started? Here’s a brief breakdown on navigating the Microsoft Ads process:

Like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads is relatively easy to navigate and get started with. However, there are differences between the two that will impact the user experience. If you do plan on working with Microsoft Ads to advertise your business, following the directions above will help you get right on track with your ad campaigns.

If you have any questions about using the platform, you can always reach out for support or use their wealth of helpful information and resources to make sure you’re using the platform correctly.

Choosing The Right Google Ads Agency For Your Needs

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about without having to take care of Google Ads on top of all of that. In fact, it might even prevent you from taking care of more important projects that demand your expertise. The good news? You’re never alone.

There are Google Ads agencies out there that can help you set up, optimize, and receive tangible results from Google Ads campaigns. That being said, no two agencies are ever the same. You want to make sure you’re getting the best possible support as you turn to Google Ads for brand exposure.

So, what should you be looking for when you’re considering enlisting the help of a Google Ads agency?

Regardless of whether you’ve already tried tackling Google Ads or you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth out the gate by enlisting the help of professionals, make sure that you look for the above qualities in your chosen Google Ads agency.

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