Content Marketing in less than 4 minutes

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Content Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build your business online

It generates traffic to your website

And when done properly builds trust and authority with potential clients and customers as well as generating loyalty with existing clients

As with any marketing it takes time to get it right and today I’m going to examine 5 things you can do better to improve your results and get in the fast lane to marketing success and more profits


content marketing - wrong way

Mistake number 1

You’re only creating content about your company. The truth is harsh but people don’t want to know about your company . They want to know how you can solve their problems. Especially at the beginning of the relationship.
For regular viewers of my hustle – you’ll notice I only take very briefly about Sydney Digital Marketing and with every hustle there is an accompanying link to content on our site to help viewers become better digital marketers. As a side effect, we get enquiries. Today’s link is the difference between SEO and SEM it’s one of our most popular articles so be sure to check it out the link is above me or hit the learn more button below me .

Mistake number 2

Not having a strong enough call to action. So once you have readers to your website what do you want them to do. Ideally you want to encourage them to download an Ebook, sign up to a webinar or make a purchase. The goal should always be to get the user to the next stage in the sales funnel. By taking the conversation off social media and into your email database you are no longer relying on hoping they will see your post when organic reach on social is just a couple of percent.

Mistake number 3

Don’t focus on just one channel Content Marketing strategy can never focus on a single channel, such as Facebook or Email Marketing. The focus should be on solving customer problems, meaning your business should be where the consumer is.
If you become dependent on a single channel, you may be harmed if that channel ever falls in yield.

Mistake number 4

not thinking like a search engine Much of the traffic from your website or blog probably comes from search engines. The company needs to be empathetic and always put yourself in the place of your person. Therefore, it is fundamental to think of it when creating some kind of content. Doing keyword research and working with a focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help to optimize and increase access to your site, as well as being essential to improve the positioning in search engines such as Google.

Mistake number 5

expecting instant results. I cannot stress this enough. It takes time patience and a willingness to experiment and like me put yourself out there. I’m not a presenter and have no professional train8ng – some of you are saying no shit – but I’m backing myself and my business by committing to a consistent piece if content every week on Tuesday – in doing so I’ve built an audience of followers and a steady stream of leads enquiries and yes customers. In fact I’d say alongside our content marketing we have doubled our revenues in a little over 12 months. I even had a customer say the other day I feel like I know you already having seen you on YouTube Facebook and LinkedIn and I’m looking forward to working with you – it has taken 12 months to get to that sort of feedback.

So get ready to commit to the long game I promise you the results will come if you are committed.

So just to recap

  • Think how your content can solve your customers challenges
  • Have strong calls to action
  • Focus on more than one channel – the consumer is in control and you need to be where your consumers are.
  • Think like a search engine – ask your staff friends and family how they would go about searching for your brand our business – sometimes we are too close to things to think differently
  • And finally – be patient be committed and don’t be afraid to experiment – doing nothing ensures your competition will always be one step ahead of you.

That’s all for today on the hustle my name is Simon Gould we are Sydney Digital Marketing, we are passionate marketers who love helping businesses and brands grow sales and profits using digital marketing.

Until next week !