Attribution is more than just knowing if they came from an ad or not. It’s drilling down which campaign, ad group or ad creative brought the best quality leads. It’s about knowing their customer journey and understanding their behaviour so you can market better to them.

A user who viewed the pricing page before contacting you is going to be different than someone who viewed all pages of your website before contacting you. Some may need some more convincing, and some may be more money-conscious and could be converted with a little hook.

We speak more on the world of attribution in week six (6).
Measuring your success also comes with the skills of working with Google Analytics and other analytic-based tools, knowing what to look for, and reporting on a monthly basis to review trends and more.

Tune in for Week 9: Insights, Reporting & Metrics that Matter.
We hope you’ve found some valuable insights from this week, and are looking forward to helping you further develop your business’ Digital Customer Experience strategy.

Next week, we’ll be working further on the components of your strategy. We introduce the flywheel over funnel, marketing automation, pulling customers down the funnel, and more.

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