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Off-Page SEO: Your Guide To Behind-The-Scenes SEO Work

A space telescope with an O around it standing for off-page SEO

On-Page SEO Might Be The Most Well-Known Type Of SEO, But Off-Page SEO Is Just As Important!

As we’ve touched on frequently, SEO tends to be associated with certain techniques that are leveraged to help you rank better in SERPs, such as keyword research and content creation. But while on-page SEO is important to your standing, so too is the work that goes on outside of this: off-page SEO.

That being said, your off-page SEO strategy might be a little less familiar than some of your on-page efforts. This may require you to brush up on your knowledge so that you know exactly what to do. This includes everything outside of content in order to get the best possible rankings.

If off-page SEO is coming into focus for your business, let’s take a closer look at what off-page SEO is, why it’s something that you need to prioritise in your digital marketing strategy, and what elements are critical to your off-page SEO efforts!

What Is Off-Page SEO?

On-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO are all integral parts of your overall SEO strategy. Aptly named, off-page focuses on all of the necessary activities that take place outside of content creation and publishing.

While there are some SEO strategies that will fall in line with some of your broader digital marketing goals or activities, the key thing to remember when you approach any of these activities is that the end goal is to help your website rise to the top of SERPs to get the organic traffic you want.

With the right off-page audit and strategy, you can work toward making sure that your website has all the makings of a high-authority, high-value resource for any search query that’s related to your business!

Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?

The answer lies in Google’s algorithm.

Having all the right keywords in your on-page SEO strategy and creating a stellar website that’s easy to navigate is a great start to your SEO journey. However, it doesn’t tell Google how others perceive your website or whether you’re as authoritative as you advertise yourself to be.

An off-page strategy helps you establish this authority by looking for resources outside of your website that will point back to you, which informs Google that your website is indeed considered to be an authority in its space.

The more high-authority sites you have pointing to yours, the better your DA is going to be.

Now, with that in mind, there are several activities associated with off-page  that don’t necessarily provide the same impact as other activities.

Link building is one of the most crucial SEO techniques you will employ in your off-page SEO strategy, but we’ll dive deeper into a few more and what they have to offer in the section below.

On-Page SEO Vs Off-Page SEO

Now that we have a better idea of what off-page SEO is, it can be helpful to see the distinction between off-page and on-page SEO as well as a few examples to get you started.

On-page SEO, as the name suggests, is a form of SEO that’s focused on content creation and publication. Your on-page SEO strategy will consist of activities such as keyword research, content planning, and learning how to properly format your posts.

Use subheadings, images, short paragraphs, metadata, etc.

Meanwhile, off-page is focused on all of the “behind-the-scenes” work that goes into growing the DA of your website. Let’s dive into a few of the methods that you will leverage to boost your website’s position on SERPs.

Improve your rankings through link building.

Link building can seem like a difficult concept to understand, but it’s much simpler than many business owners think!

Let’s imagine that your website (and every other website) is its own bank. Starting out, you’re not going to have that many people coming to your bank.

However, as more people notice it and put some of their money into your institution, it naturally starts to grow in value and become more visible. This is similar to how off-page link building works.

When someone links back to your website, they’re telling Google that you’re an authority in your space. The more high-quality websites you have doing this, the better your DA is going to be. Just beware of low-quality backlinks and black hat SEO practices.

Much like a bank, you don’t want malicious third parties putting counterfeit money into your bank or engaging in practices that could impact your standing on search engines. Keep everything clean and aim to get backlinks from websites that are trusted authorities themselves!

Advertise your business on social media.

As we mentioned above, there’s a little bit of overlap between off-page SEO strategies and some of the tactics used in digital marketing.

Social media marketing is one of those overlaps. The goal of social media in your off-page strategy is to work towards building more mentions of your business online.

That being said, social media won’t necessarily play a direct ranking factor in your overall SEO strategy. Instead, social media can be a great way for others to find, connect with, and learn more about your business.

More importantly, like SEO, social media marketing is largely free. Whether you’re getting your name on forums, podcasts, or major platforms like Facebook or Instagram, there are many available channels for you to tap into so that you can build the brand awareness your business needs!

Promote your business through content marketing.

Wait, didn’t you just say that off-page SEO doesn’t have anything to do with on-page SEO strategies like content creation? Blog posts are often the bread and butter of any content strategy, but they’re not the sole form of content that you can produce with the aim of improving your rankings on SERPs.

Beyond website copy and blog content, digital assets like informative infographics, e-books, white papers, and beyond can all help you in your off-page endeavours.

Many of these forms of content serve as a great way to encourage others to link back to your website as they write reviews or use your digital assets (with permission or proper recognition) to create their own content.

This can also improve your visibility if you market these items wisely and generate buzz around your website. True, content marketing might revolve around blog content and website copy, especially when it comes to SEO.

However, you’ll discover that there are a lot more content types out there when you begin working on off-page strategy.

All of the above are excellent tips to help you better understand off-page strategy and what goes into it. But executing these strategies yourself can be a bit difficult if you’re not well-versed in link building or social media marketing.

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