Adwords Agency – What to look for.

The core characteristics you’ll want to look for in a strong PPC service provider include:

  • Depth of Expertise — Because of the complexity associated with PPC, you want to find an agency with depth of focus in the paid search space that can put adequate time and attention into the PPC area of your marketing efforts.  The Adwords agency should have at least one dedicated PPC manager who focuses solely on paid search.
  • Transparency — Another key factor in selecting a paid search or adwords agency is their willingness to share information and expertise. You should know exactly what they are doing in your account. A lack of transparency is a sign that the agency either doesn’t know what they’re doing or isn’t devoting enough time to your campaigns.
  • Ability to Retain Control — A final factor, similar to transparency, is a willingness to work with you.
  • Allowing you to retain control over the goals, focuses, and in some cases even certain execution around your paid search campaigns.
  • The advantage of depth of expertise is pretty clear, but less obvious factors like transparency and the ability to retain control of your campaigns can be equally important for advertisers looking to get the maximum value.

The next step is to outline some key questions that advertisers can ask to learn more from a potential PPC agency.

Things like the relative transparency, control, and depth of expertise they offer.

Questions to Ask Your Adwords Agency as with a job interview, quizzing a potential PPC agency on certain aspects of their background, experience, and approach to PPC can be extremely telling. Here are some questions to ask a potential PPC agency to help you better understand the level of expertise, transparency, and control you can expect from a working relationship with them.