Hey guys thanks for joining us over here. I’m joined this morning by Susanne Rauer. I’m Simon Gould and we are going to be spending the next 12 minutes or so talking about thriving through COVID and how we see everybody coming out the other side.

Good morning Susanne, good afternoon! Good morning, thanks for having me. My pleasure. So we’ll get straight to it. It’s April 30, been six weeks for a lot of people into quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing, all words that none of us had heard of. Probably just even eight weeks ago. Yeah, certainly we wouldn’t been thinking of being here on January 1st. Just a few months back, so how are you doing? Yeah, thanks for asking. I think it’s a really really important question which in the past we always only just asked like little bit of you know yeah how are you young finds right but the question as such it’s becoming more and more important right because we really have to pause and say you know how are you and people will say yeah I’m fine right now how are you and I think that’s a really really important question. So I am well I have to say it is a strange time but secretly I am loving it. You know I’m spending more time with the people I really love I have still I can still do my work via video conversations you know my my clients I’m so glad and happy that I can help them through this time and you know just pivot adapt and be flexible quickly and so quickly as well. I think we’re seeing years of change happening in weeks things that were tell you is within corporations corporations that have got thousands of employees globally shifting their hold that 95% of their workforce home bang you know. yes all right have you heard about this joke you know who drove the agenda about you know working flexible and remote working especially CEO you CIO know your CEO well C O V I D 19 and yes 100%. Yeah you know because it is you know we have as he said accelerated to a point where we would have maybe never gotten to or maybe in ten to twenty years you know because everyone is talking about it for years already but special people leaders there are mainly two categories one of the category was you know loving it trusting my team go do whatever you have to do to be productive and the best version of yourself get the minority of managers where are still you know skeptical they didn’t trust their employees they didn’t trust that they would work from home. Yet the reality is when an you know interested how you go but how you experiences but the reality is most of us working even more from home there’s no distraction you know there is no coffee chat what do you call the water cooler very very interesting point in question for you though how and and I can think about this. With my team my team’s very happy so for those of you who don’t know we’re a team of about a dozen we’re distributed throughout Sydney the northern New South Wales coast as well as overseas Philippines and India some of their technical work as well 18 thank you how do you see that change we’re having this conversation now you and I know each other you know we’ve got to know each other very well over the last 12 months and we’d always bump into each other around our office how do you see though the social that affecting sort of the social interaction with that lack of interaction? Now sorry just to say my team’s very happy working from home they all feed back to me super productive there’s no commute there’s no coffee chat as you say there’s nobody walking past wanting to distract me and we’re getting more work done we’re definitely busier than we have been ,very grateful for that during this time you know hashtag thriving through C O V I D 19 right absolutely absolutely and we’ll talk more about. These sort of two streams I think you know a little later on but the the fact that there is none of this interaction but you’re getting more work done. How do you see that maybe maybe from a mental health I mean obviously you’re a conscious leadership coach helping people you know with leadership leadership coaching business coaching career coaching so helping them be the best they can be how do you view that removal of that interaction it’s at least for the foot you know yeah next little while you know it is I see it in a way that has nothing really to do was calm at 19 as we said you know COVID-19 is an accelerator it’s you know it’s just fast freaking everything we have thought about doing in the future or also the challenges which we had in the past so if people are having challenges right now in during this COVID-19 times and we are you know how many weeks are we in six seven eight you know went home straightaway and I saw that in two days later I did the same thing but it wasn’t mandatory back then so there are people in working from home for such a long time and there there is you know I think the muscle which we are forced to train is our flexibility muscle our resilience muscle our muscle of being able to adapt very quickly to a situation again and again. And I think I’ve mentioned this to you already you know because we started or I started so early in the during this phase I worked from home you know just it was a little bit different about video coaching as such and so it was very very different but in you know I had to do big strategy leadership strategy meet and meetings the whole day online had two days to prepare needed to learn new tools you know luckily I had it all sorted out in the physical room so I just had to translate it to show leadership team strategy workshop you know I got into my rhythm and then boom my husband came home and worked from home as well and then I’m like sitting in my spot that’s my spot so I needed to find a new spot and you know I needed to go into my own office here at home yes just declutter it and make it ready for me again so you know I think and that’s that’s the case for so many people you know you just had to do what it takes to adapt right but it’s funny isn’t it when the human when the mind we’re digressing little bit of our technology talk but but it’s still from from a business leader point of view adaptability resilience change being able to pivot all of those that are important qualities i think that are all being not even tested they’re not even being tested that they’re there you’re having to deliver on those now as well as a practice is it you know it’s like a stress test right yeah it’s just like it’s not like oh yeah let’s try it a little bit it’s just like full-on and then as soon as you have a duck you know two weeks later boom you have to change again yeah you know and there are two weeks later they change the restriction again and boom you have to adopt and the question as a comment from a conscious leadership point of view. How do how do you go you know how is this experience for you it is what it is but are you making the best out of it you know my heart goes out for the people who really have been impacted health-wise or financially so you know I’m not talking about those people because this has been a challenging time and I get that but most of the knowledge worker you know if they haven’t been working in an industry which was impacted very very strongly you know most of the knowledge worker have been you know being okay throughout this time there was no pay cut so far yes there was no impact as such but yet you know now they’re at home with their kids for example yeah they have to be a teacher they have to be a mom and dad and you know a partner yeah and all all within under one roof yeah 24/7 times where we’ve had to survive and thrive and I guess that brings us back to the theme of this talk really isn’t is thriving thriving through this period today gonna set April 30th we’re about we we started working for March 13 so about six weeks in I think you were you a couple of days after after so about six weeks they’re now talking about starting to open things up in another two weeks so to our people that people watching as you and I were talking about yesterday whilst we were discussing this a little chat you know are you making the most of this time yeah at home with family what are you what are you able to work on what are you able to use this time to get a different perspective on things and I guess we’re talking about the long the business Fame. Yeah so how do you use these next two weeks because before too long in two weeks time and my own you know different different again it won’t be over twice it won’t be over for a couple of months who knows but you know it’s so good you know because we talked about yesterday and I asked my husband when we went for our evening walk the same question you know and I also would like you know really good question for parents is if this would be this working from home 100% would be over in two weeks mmm what would your kids tell you about the time they had together with you yes not just fast forward a little bit and this is about conscious leadership son you know leader not as part only you know as being a business leader as being a leader in a corporation but also how are you leading your family as a mom as a dad yeah as a grownup sister a brother you know how are you leading this part and are you when you’re looking back to it would you be happy and proud of it could you do something else because if there’s something to improve why don’t you do it right now you know today yeah this is the best time you could have had given the circumstance yes no absolutely and I think I thought speaking from personal experience here my commute from home to the office was about 40 minutes door to door but I find that the difference in mine said the difference in mood of not having that commute just in our dynamic in our family where you just you know dinner’s young one so dinners are early for us yeah just a difference in mindset the difference in getting starting the day as well without having to have tried through the city and past a hundred thousand other people who 95 percent of whom are miserable and have a commute coming in you’ve only got to look around you know the streets to see people happy so it will be very interesting to see there’s a lot of talk as well about our people how does the office look postcode but not post covert but you know post covered in cut the era of : whatever we call it because as you say it’s gonna be around for it’s gonna be around for a while but how does that office look? I know there’s a lot of people are saying mad stuff that on why would I go back into the office and there’s a lot of corporations that are saying do we need this much space this new we’ve really been forced into this new decade where do we see and I say we where do we see the technology coming together with the yeah the thinking a change a changing people’s thinking again they’re being forced into changing their way of thinking how can we do things better that’s your best friend our best friend throughout a crisis would be technology hmm that you know where a lot of people were so skeptical you know you know technology takes over you know all this big fear driven things which talked about for months and years and now we have a crisis a health crisis and technology becomes our best friend we asked you use it you know it’s the way to connect yes and you know it’s a way to not be isolated it’s physical isolation but it’s not social isolation we’re still social yes so that’s my first point.

In regards to technology very much supported by tech digital AI personalization automation you know people are going to be looking at how do they streamline their business we’ve been talking as an agency as you know that customer experience for the last 18 months or so and we’re still obviously you know evolving our own systems and our processes to try and achieve a fantastic customer experience it’s all very much technology. So you know a couple of months ago last year you came to me and we talked about and almost quite happy about my website that’s the second point you know I observed throughout the time and you know I trust you as my marketing advisor and she said yeah it’s okay politely you pointed out that might need a refresher I’m not sure this is so much work you really strongly advise this and you said look let’s do an website audit let’s look at the numbers and then let’s have accommodation right so we did that and he pointed very clearly out to me that yes his website was there was a good starting point for a small business who started six years ago it was perfect right I would always start like that again but now you know after the six years and growing my business faster and faster it is it wasn’t appropriate anymore and he very gently yet firmly pointed that out to me based on the numbers you have collected so we went on this journey and you know it was lots of work don’t get me wrong it was but mainly because I wasn’t prepared as much as I should have been and the new content you know what kind of you know what does his website look like if he helped me immensely especially the great work of your designer Cedric you know he did such an excellent job so thank you sir great if you see that and if you have people who want to have a look at my website is Gaia Coaching. Dead are you and you know I hope you can agree with me that he did a fantastic job was designing this website yet it was a lot of work and you know from time to time I was questioning you know is this the best thing I can do as a small business owner to focus my effort there yeah now that we have been live maybe four ninety eight weeks now yeah I think I think it was it doesn’t just raised up before C O V I D 19 well not before because it but you know just before it hits really Australia we went live and I understand from you and you taught me so much over the months you know that it takes time for Google to index my website and takes time to ring my website like that yet I am so glad that I did it because you know my lead generation I don’t like the word more people are reaching out let’s call it that yeah and just looking in a quick combination with me checking very quickly if I can be on top and we take it further I can you know just recommend them to somebody else yeah and that has been fantastic and I think if I wouldn’t have had that technology that digital presence is really showing in the numbers so again talking about technology you know exactly perfect for me yeah and what I mean.

Again if you look at the the amount that some industries are very buoyant at the moment you know they’re seeing in immense amounts of traffic increase your online shopping has obviously gone ballistic because we’re all stuck at home whether that’s groceries or you know white goods or electronics or games but yeah I mean Amazon’s gonna get even bigger but it’s again you know we’ve definitely been in this connected or hyper-connected world but I think now people are people expect to have a great experience when they’re coming through your website if you’re not easy to do business with we spend a lot of time looking at your the way that you communicate what do you offer on on your website what happens once somebody signs up and wants to know a little bit more you know or all of those things because your customer is everywhere yeah you know they’re not just on Facebook they’re not just on LinkedIn they could be you know they’re searching for you or you know what you always kept in mind as well is I’m just a one-person business at this point of time the business is just sitting here in front of us so you know for me spending lots of time in regards to booking appointments that is non-value at task what can we can we do to to make it very very easy and simple for the customer to book in some time with me knowing exactly when I have time and knowing exactly you know when they’re best time rather than when are you free I’m free now just you know opportunity you never know the responsibility and you give you empower them to say hey if you want you I’m here time when it suits you best yeah and if not that’s also great yeah it’s okay because the people know what’s best for them you don’t need sales approach our sales process to talk people into something and I’m even these things so now we have empowered them while also optimizing my time I’m not writing 20 emails absolutely and and yeah and again yep removing zero friction removing that friction between the customer and the customer and the business and empowering the customer to make the decision for themselves yeah or more now as we see this displacement of people you know move either realizing what’s become important so you know more families hi maybe they say I’m stepping out of my role or I’m stepping out of my job because I don’t have had more family time so therefore what can I do you know I’m sure and I’ve thought this in the back of my mind for years that as people are getting made redundant and there is this disruption and displacement everybody’s going to be starting up their own little side gig and I’m not talking about you know uber driving or delivery or something but something. I think we’re going to get obviously the economy will become a lot more localized through this crisis you know through through this era that we’re going through at the moment and the barriers to entry to get online to create a business online are very very small very small yeah right you come up with an idea register a domain name builder you know maybe a Wix or WordPress website just dad was right yeah just excited you don’t need good enough and that’s what we talked about as well right so because you know last week there was this from the City Council the small business grants helped a couple of my clients to apply for it it was a combination of you know we eliciting what their business is about and then building a web presence and we had accommodation about it and you know there are different providers for different needs very sophisticated you have a whole team you have a dedicated designer dedicated developer project manager you know lots of digital marketers in your team and many more which for sure forgot SEO experts and all the people I work with during this whole process and of course this comes with a price. Because you need to be able in you need to be in a position to afford that we he’s in rights I would never for somebody who’s just starting a new business to invest in a website it wouldn’t be the right thing you have to learn through this process so for these people who just start new business owners you know maybe a 5k yes what are your thoughts in regards to that would you support that? Look I think so I think you have to start somewhere and yeah you can away with something to get started for you know for 5k just just to get a presence up there but again you know it’s who’s your customer who’s your audience you know who you’re talking to how how easy do you want to be to do to do business with what happens once somebody makes contact with you whether it’s by phone you know are you are you tracking and attributing where those phone calls are coming from from our point of view think you know the amount of businesses big and small that have no idea and really where the marketing dollars are coming from I am me yeah sorry where their marketing dollars are returning you know business from basically we look at it we go but that’s inexcusable because you know for $40 a month or $100 a month you can be tracking all of this stuff with little platforms yep you might need some experts to come in and consult with you to say okay well look this is what this information means we’ve very much led by the numbers as well as its beauty digital at the double edged sword but the beauty of digital is it’s all led by the numbers the numbers never lie. That’s a beauty about digital I know you will get numbers if I like business management by feeling I can’t I was gonna say I can’t say I had to giggle the other day I was social distancing out at Coles the other the other morning and there was a huge Cadbury’s display Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolates loaded up everywhere with winged tickets to Tokyo 2020 you know big goals like a Wonka bar thing and I’m thinking that they like it was enormous it took up the whole one of the whole miles obviously a big installation that they obviously weren’t able to turn off they’d obviously booked the space with Cole’s booked the space with whoever organizes those things in Cole’s put the stock in there and it was all about Tokyo 2020 and I just thought see that’s the difference between offline and digital digital you just turn it off. Because so many large advertisers the travel agents the airlines the hotels the the bookings calm etc I’ve got no business you know they’ve all tanked 80 90 95 percent the amount of inventory that’s now available on platforms like Facebook and Instagram where those big advertisers were there’s an enormous amount of inventory so if you are running a Facebook campaign you should be able to get two or three sometimes even four times you add them the reach and results out of your budget because a everybody’s at home working from home using these platforms be the inventory means that the auction the competition for that space is less so therefore the pricing has dropped we’ve seen pricing for some of our own sponsored posts and sponsored content what we were paying fifteen dollars to reach a thousand people for just a couple months ago we now pay five dollars for this is just particular for face but I just noticed it on Facebook and Instagram not sure about LinkedIn I’d say because they’re not driven so much by consumer brands that would have been affected so strongly by C O V I D  that I wouldn’t have thought so but yeah definitely if you’re watching and you’re listening then I would definitely be looking to up your budgets or at least review what you were getting for your dollar three months ago versus what you’re getting for your dollar now maybe increasing. If you have the situation not everything and this is coming back to our topic right not everything is bad and it’s also a mindset the mindset what are you focusing on how long are you staying in the you know in the in don’t worry in the p.m. in the fear that’s the thing and and you know having fear is is human right maybe having a mini panic attack absolutely human it’s just a question for how long are you staying in that yes area and always you know again coming back to technology go online fine you find something what is helpful for you yeah search the internet and get help or find tools you know breathing always helps I was gonna say that it helps yeah I think breathing meditation what 100% meditation if you know like I can’t switch off my phone my brain do a walking meditation she’s happy more about that yeah. What’s a walking meditation? A walking meditation is when you’re you know how sometimes when people run they say they tell you they get into the zone yes it’s the same thing when you just you know walking and you’re focusing just on your movement on your walking you you know you focus on the air which is touching your skin you’re focusing on your breathing you’re listening to the to the sounds around you so you just come in you’re just doing something which is much better for most people who say oh yeah I can’t just not think and it’s not about not thinking it’s coming into the here and now and observing what is happening you know you know get it feel yeah you know yeah you know it’s always on so sometimes it’s good to get back into the feeling so you walk um for as long as you want and you just really zoom in to say you know how does the air feel on my skin okay what songs you know how does it feel when I when I walk yeah yes without sitting on his door yes being a number seven number six or number seven number six when we’re talking you were talking yesterday about the numbers and he’s just talking about the consciousness. I’ve really enjoyed doing this I think yeah this is fun yeah this is been fun and you finally got me in front of the camera taken less than a year that’s pretty good and the global pandemic in in the middle to bring out bring out the best yeah thank you very much for having me and it’s always fun to talk to you how could you do it again any time thanks Suzanne if you’d like to check out Suzanne’s website it’s gaicoaching.com.au today you that’s guide ga i a coaching calm today you Suzanne’s got some fantastic resources there on the site some great downloads I’ve personally worked with Suzanne now I think since June of last year and I cannot recommend her highly enough from a personal perspective and from a certainly from a business perspective as well so Thank You Suzanne again for all your help this year and and last year and I’ve enjoyed this talk we will chat again soon thanks for watching everybody we’ll see you next time Thank You Simon you.