7 Amazing Tips to create the best video ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

The defining social media trend of 2018 is Video. Internet users now spend a third of their time watching video across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook leads the pack with over 500 million of its users watching video content every day. Therefore, it is vital that you not only engage your audience with amazing content, but also seperate your brand from the 1000s of other companies trying to do the same thing. Below are the 7 top tips to create the best video ads on Facebook using creative content and your own unique brand voice. With the current 6 second attention span held by the average social media user, video has become the dominant method of attracting and retaining audience attention. Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-people-capture-attention-span Given this, videos should be a key element of your marketing strategy moving forward. To follow the 87% of marketers who are currently using video, however, requires an investment of time and money. Wether you hire someone in-house or use an agency, you’ll want to do all you can with your videos in order to maximise their return and outlay. This guide assumes you’ve heard all of the benefits that come with social media video advertising. YET acknowledges that most brand’s Facebook posts are made up of 80% links, 19% photos, and less than 1% videos. This is because most brands think that making an eye-catching persuasive video is laborious, time consuming and expensive. The collection of optimisation techniques below, will help you get the highest return on your video investment. These will present your brand in the professional and creative light required for conversions.

Facebook & Instagram & LinkedIn

Over the past year, Facebook has been pushing its new YouTube competitor, Facebook Watch, which enables users to flick through relevant videos created by publishers and peers alike. Given that the platform has grown more competitive than ever, you will need to know some of the top tricks to make your video ads extraordinary.

  1. Make your video ads as short as possible

You have 6 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Although the current video ad format for Facebook and Instagram’s video is 60 seconds, for a lot of people that’s still too long. According to Wistia, people stop watching online videos, popups and ads just seconds after starting them. Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-user-drop-off-analytics-video-length This means that no matter how high quality your content might be, many people are going to drop like flies when they start watching your video ads. This means you should put the good stuff in the first 5-10 seconds. As the chart above highlights, your audience will drop with each additional second that passes. So, the message you want the maximum number of viewers to see, should be at the beginning. Secondly, make sure the entire video remains specific. Each shot should be meaningful, without wasted frames and convey a condensed message. Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-Iwatch-ad This Apple Watch ad is eye-catching and the mood is epic – featuring bright neon colours and a cool intro slow-motion sequence. Executing a change of speed like that is a great way to catch the viewer’s attention because it introduces variation into a clip that users expect to be relatively static (due to expectations created by other ads). In case you’re tempted to scroll past, Apple rapidly shifts to the next movement in the scene. This pace transition absorbs the viewer in the product before they’re able to look away. The entire clip locks in at just about 5 seconds. This fits perfectly with our reduced attention spans – meaning your audience will see your whole message. By making it almost impossible to stop watching, your audience will commit more time to reading your handle and description.

  1. Video ads are the new Silent Films

When you tap on a Facebook Video, it will now automatically play with sound. This has resulted in many users now scrolling their feeds with their phones or computers on mute. Today nearly 85% of video views are conducted in silent mode. For brands, without the automatic opportunity to cue a friendly voice, striking tune or audible wow-factor, how do you get viewers to want to turn your sound on? OR how do you create silent videos that imprint on the audience. Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-velocity-black-overlay-ad-yousician-bold-ad-colours First, try catchy and engaging colours. Primary colours are proven to catch the audience’s eye, while movement shakes up the user’s feed. Another way to get your message across without sound is to use text in bold, dynamic forms. Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-Itonya-instagram-video-ad Text and simplicity go hand-in-hand and are all you need to communicate the point of your product. That’s certainly true in I, Tonya’s video ad, which features a basic black background with Margot Robbie’s intense stare in one half and white lettering appearing on the other. This stark simplicity is attention-grabbing because it’s so different from the busy, colorful content that takes up most Instagram feeds. Instead of being a hinderance, sound-off videos can play to your advantage. Bold colours and dynamic text are memorable methods to show intensity, bring importance to your product and inspire action from your audience.

  1. Design your ads so they look professionally produced

Investment in design goes a long way when it comes to Facebook and Instagram video ads. You don’t need a professional video studio to produce a commercial that looks professional. Using various video editing tools and basic effects, you can produce a quality, cost-effective and engaging video ad. For example Velocity Black’s video below is simply a slideshow with overlaid text – yet has been made to tease the viewer with glamorous and exciting visuals. Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-velocity-black-overlay-ad Almost resembling a movie trailer, Velocity Black’s Instagram ad catches the viewer’s attention with flashy alterations between multiple images within only a few seconds. These are only a series of eye-catching visuals that promise what the luxury app can offer – not what the app software looks like. Using simple enhancement software on your phone or computer, you can integrate into your viewer’s stream. Rather than keeping it in line with much of Facebook’s advertising content, you can break the mould with your unique message and style.

  1. Create your Instagram or Facebook ad campaign with a product launch.

Using video ads in unique ways can be a great method for catching viewers’ attention ahead of a new product launch. By also inserting an intriguing description, such as a teaser for an upcoming product or a call to action, you can build rapport with your audience – rewarding them for their loyalty with exclusivity.

  1. Incude smart A/B Testing

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Those were the words of Thomas Edison after he invented the incandescent lightbulb; and must be your mentality when creating new and inspiring advertisements. These effective ads can only be created, however, through close analysis and comparisons of multiple videos. Even some of the best pieces of content can become dull if you stop paying attention to your metrics. So it is vital that A/B testing be a key part of your content strategy – forming a continuous, creative learning process. First, wait a few days before evaluating results. Although you might want to check how your hot new ideas are responding, Facebook recommends waiting between 3-14 days to capture sufficient data and keep within budget. This guide recommends that you allocate at least 14 days to test your performance (in case weekends have higher user-traffic periods). Second, use an A/B significance test, like Kissmetrics, to verify your findings. Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-KISS-METRICS-a/b-testing In addition to delivering conversion rates for each test to its users, Kissmetrics determines the certainty of why one version of the advertisement is more successful than the other. Any certainty rate under 95% is deemed not to be significant. Lastly, stick to one variable at a time. Focus on one variable with each test to hone in on the reason behind the success or failure. For example, if your current audience is women in their thirties and forties in Sydney, test your content in Melbourne but keep the gender and age range constant.

  1. Leave your sales pitch behind

Depending on your brand and your product, the tone of your advertisements and your message will differ from other companies. Your video ads will also be different depending on the platform you use to express your message. While Facebook and Instagram are more playful and creative, LinkedIn may require a more professional and informative approach. Whatever the case, leave your sales pitch and jargon at the door. Use your brand’s unique voice to your advantage when exciting the customer with content. This will enhance your brand’s distinctly relevant appeal and stop your audience from scrolling past your content. Whatever platform you choose to use, the above points will captivate your audience and reward their attention with a great and different visual experience.

  1. Think Mobile First

Over 95% of Facebook users are accessing the platform on mobile devices and 65% of all Facebook video views are now coming from mobile users. This means Facebook video advertisers need to make mobile mediums a number one priority. Will this content look just as good on a smaller screen? Does it appeal to someone who may be on the go or have limited time? Will it make sense with or without sound? Focusing on mobile viewers won’t break the bank, either—Facebook mobile video ads tend to have a lower cpm and a higher engagement rate than desktop video ads. In addition, Facebook’s meta-analysis of video ads on Facebook and Instagram found that mobile-first ads had longer average view times and better brand recall than mobile-adapted or traditional video ads: Tips-to-create-the-best-video-ads-on-Facebook-mobile-first-video-ads

Final Thoughts

Embrace restrictions on length and sound to create vibrant and relatable ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experimental with your content through editing techniques, colours or text overlays. There are now new options for video monetisation being released and more opportunities to place video ads on Instagram and the Audience Network. Social media marketers can now look beyond the News Feed when it comes to promoting their ads. Keep paying attention to the results of your tests, continue to improve your variables, and your conversion rates will be up in no time.