“Will Facebook fall like MySpace?” Google that and you’ll get truckloads of results – around 8 million of them, to be more specific.

What’s more, netizens have been forecasting the demise of Facebook since 2011 — from researchers to social media pundits, from Quora enthusiasts to casual observers. Princeton researchers even boldly predicted that by 2017, only 20% of Facebook users would remain in the platform.

It’s less than a month into 2017 and we’re not seeing any indication that the prediction is ever going to materialize. Facebook and Facebook Marketing is here to stay.

In fact, according to the research company Statista, Facebook has a recorded 1.79 billion active users as of the third quarter of 2016, and the trends suggest that this number will keep growing quarter over quarter. Furthermore, over the year, Facebook made a concerted effort to develop Facebook Marketing and roll out features that boosts user engagement—including enhanced video capabilities, improvements to messaging for businesses, and the expansion of carousel-type ads to Instagram.

What we’re saying is you’re skating on thin ice if you think Facebook won’t continue to push for dominance, because it totally will. In fact, we’re predicting that it’ll take things to the next level this 2017.

With all that to chew on, we suggest that you do the following if you want to dominate Facebook Marketing this 2017:

Make the most of Facebook Messenger bots.

In July of 2016, Facebook Messenger reached the 1 billion monthly active user mark, and the company claims that the app now powers 10% of all VoIP calls made worldwide, says a VentureBeat report. This translates to over 60% of Facebook users, which totals to 1.65 billion people using Facebook Messenger for personal and business communication.

Facebook recently released the Messenger platform to let developers personalize the Facebook Messenger experience for their target audience. The platform lets you build bots that:

  1. Allow your customers to interact with your brand through artificial intelligence that can facilitate transactions like subscriptions and e-purchases
  1. Can be accessed by users across all platforms—Android, iOS, and the web

These bots are revolutionizing customer service by making communication more efficient for both businesses and consumers. When done right, they can fortify a brand’s relationship with its customers.

When designing your customer experience using Facebook Messenger bots, keep the following in mind:


  1. Make your bots discoverable through web plugins and built-in Facebook Messenger features such as Messenger Codes, Messenger Usernames, and Messenger Links.
  1. Program the bot to consider everything from language to context.

If you’ll do these, you can bet your horses that you’ll gain an unfair advantage over your competitors who do not.

Facebook Marketing Messenger Bots

Use Facebook Live

Whether it’s watching a hometown team finally win the championship or getting a backstage pass to a popular musical, people relish the feeling of “being there” and “sharing the moment” with others.

Shared real-time experiences are something most people crave for in a digital world.

Facebook Live satisfies this craving by making it possible for anyone to broadcast live interactive videos to their audience.

Some examples of businesses that didn’t waste a single second in taking advantage of Facebook Live are:

  1. Benefit Cosmetics: For real-time feedback as their customers perform live demos of their products.
  1. BuzzFeed: People can get to know the personalities behind the brand through silly behind-the-scenes activities (like crowdsourced dance-offs)

Each experience shared with people in real-time goes a long way towards increasing trust and engagement because:

  1. It highlights authenticity. Everything that’s said or done on the video is genuine because there’s no way to edit anything as they happen — people love the transparency.
  1. It shares the moment with the audience. Whether it’s through polls, reactions, or comments, the people watching the streaming video are given a chance to participate.
  1. It underscores authority. Know what you’re talking about because you can be called out on it in real-time. In essence, it takes real confidence and authority to go live.

Of course, Facebook Live isn’t for everyone. But if you’re willing to give it a spin, here are some ingredients for you to succeed:

  1. Be sure you promote it. If you don’t, people won’t show up. You need to treat your live video like an event because that’s what it is.
  1. Be prepared. Be sure to have an outline, and take the time to practice. Also, make sure that your connection is secure.
  1. Have fun. If you’re not enjoying the experience, the people watching you will know. Just relax and throw a party (sort of).

Facebook Marketing Facebook LIve

Lead with Facebook Lead Ads

A dedicated audience and community that supports and evangelizes your brand isn’t something you can take lightly. However, what you really want are buyers. I mean, think about it. How are you supposed to bring home the bacon without them becoming buyers? Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell whether or not the people who interact with your brand on Facebook will ever become customers.

Leads are a different story, however. These folks are interested in what you have to offer, so much so that they give you their contact information (typically email addresses), which you can then use to nurture them into actual paying customers.

Facebook Lead Ads lets you:

  1. Include contact forms on your ads. That way, you won’t have to send them to a different platform just to acquire their information. This tip is uber-useful if your customers are on mobile — which they often are, nowadays.
  1. Add and customize questions that will help you segment and serve the lead accordingly.
  1. Download or connect your Facebook leads to your CRM and email marketing platform.

What’s next?

The Zuck is constantly reshaping Facebook so it can cater to both consumers and companies effectively. With how things are right now, there’s no shade of a doubt that the social media giant will continue to add truckloads of other features.

If you need help with dominating Facebook marketing this 2017, then you can reach out to us using our contact form now.

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