How Digital Marketing Can Help get New Business for Recruiters

As the world’s economies begin to make recoveries, the area of recruitment is becoming increasingly competitive. Just how do you make the most of digital marketing for recruitment? Companies more than ever, are being careful about where they are spending their money, putting more importance on getting the perfect person for a position, and placing this pressure on the recruitment agency.

So amongst this ever more competitive market, what can you as a recruiter, do to make yourself stand out and make those companies choose you? What can you do to take advantage of the economic upturn and predicted need for recruitment?

When it comes to business to business marketing, these days it is mostly carried out online, so it would seem logical to focus your efforts on digital marketing.

  • Digital Word of Mouth – We all know that the best marketing is word of mouth. When people who we trust, recommend a product or service, we are much more likely to buy or use it than if we see a random advert. The online version of word of mouth is social media. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allows you to speak directly to your customers, and their friends and acquaintances. It gives you a chance to stay in touch with old clients and find new ones. If you nurture relationships which you have already made offline, and get involved online, you will find that these old clients will keep coming back.

Social media also allows your customers to recommend your services to their contacts as well giving you the chance to reach new clients – who can then see that their friends already know you!

The two main social networks are Facebook and Twitter – with Facebook alone having over 1,5000,000 members (which, if all concentrated into the population of a country, would make it the fourth most populated country in the world), so it is an excellent way of reaching people from all over the world. By creating sharable content, as well as commenting and engaging with other people and businesses, you can really raise your online profile, show the world what recruitment experts you are and become an authority in your field.

Twitter is a lot faster moving. It involves more regular but less in depth content. You post just a couple of lines, and watch people react. It is a great way to engage with people not only that you know, but who you don’t know. You can run marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty and share crucial information – the best part of digital marketing for recruitment is it is 100% measurable.


  • Use LinkedIn – When it comes to professional and business to business relationships, LinkedIn is in a world of its own. As a recruiter there is no way that you can ignore LinkedIn – both for the marketing of your business, and as a tool to help you to recruit people. By putting out good, quality content on LinkedIn, you will find that people can find you easily, and your brand can be enhanced and brought to the front. The reviews function means that people can leave personal recommendations for your business, which is another added bonus. It gives you a chance to approach businesses on a professional level.


  • Show your human side – As a recruiter you have probably noticed a shift towards humanity. No longer do businesses want people with only the technical skills, they also want the right people – who get the company, share visions and will get on as part of the team. Marketing your business is no different. We are sick of faceless corporations and talking to computers and increasingly looking to do business with people. Social media and your website gives you the chance to show your human side, show the behind the scenes, talk about employee of the month, or the adventures of the office cat.


  • Keep Old Customers – Although it is important to be always on the lookout for new customers, an often easier way to keep things ticking over is by making old customers keep returning or bringing them back from the ashes of the economic crisis. One of the keys to this is providing an excellent service, but it also helps to stay in touch with them; even if you communicate very occasionally, the very fact that you are on their friends list means that they are more likely to choose you over someone new.


  • Targeted Marketing – It might be that you already have a list of people who are interested in using your recruitment services, or maybe you need to build one. Targeted marketing is much more powerful than regular marketing, because you are marketing to people who you know have already shown an interest in your business.

So how do you build up your list? Let’s assume that we’re going to send a targeted email to everyone who has been interested in your business at some point. You can ask people to sign up – offer a newsletter, free sample or e-book, for example, to give them in exchange for their email address. And now that you have your list of people to market to, now you just need to write the email.

  • Check your Website – Even with the addition of social media and social media pages, it is still essential that you have a decent website. Your website works continually without complaining, continually marketing, taking complaints and taking contact details – your receptionist, marketer and customer services, seven days a week, 364 days a year. So make sure that it is great – with perfect branding, telling the customer exactly what THEY want to know, not what you think they will want to know, easy navigation and making it easy for people who are looking for something, to find it and get it. There are a number of online tools which can show you how effective your website is, where people are coming to it from, how long they are spending on it, and how popular your site is.

In the highly competitive world of recruiting, it is important that you stand out from your competitors. It is also essential that you maintain and nurture your working relationships with your clients. Here at Sydney Digital Marketing we can help you to use everything that the internet has to offer to boost your online presence and create online marketing strategies that your potential clients just won’t be able to ignore.

If you are looking to boost your digital marketing for your recruitment company, get in touch with us now.