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Dealer Leads taps the power of social media to deliver your dealership & sales team qualified leads for new and demo vehicles.

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Dealer Leads offers exceptional targeting to prospects that are in market for a new or demo vehicle now.
Using our proprietary “Lead Locator” targeting, developed from hundreds of online marketing campaigns, we deliver immediate results.
In fact a Dealer Leads campaign can convert up to 5* times more leads than your website or landing page is currently delivering.

Simple Lead Capture

Leads are captured within Facebook with minimal user action required. There are no barriers to entry resulting in far higher lead enquiry rates.

Highly Targeted

Using our proprietary Lead Locator method, we focus on leads by Dealer PMA/location, occupation, income, interests, intent and more.

Synch With Your CRM

Enable leads to be delivered directly into your current database or CRM. Have your sales team alerted in real time as enquiries are generated.

Of Your Website Visitors

Will leave your page without making an enquiry. On average most websites across all industries will only convert 2% of visits to a sale or enquiry. This is a huge “lost opportunity”. Dealer Leads addresses this problem with a simple solution.

Our Conversion Rates

Dealer Leads sees conversion rates of up to 22% and on average 10% –  5 times greater than the standard online conversion to enquiry rate.

Of Dealer Enquiries

Are now generated online. It’s a given that the journey to purchase for new and used vehicles begins online* How do you stand out from your competitors and make it easy for your prospects to get in touch and express interest in test drives?

Works With All Makes And Models


How Qualified Are The Leads?

Your Dealer Lead ads can be customised to ensure leads are highly qualified. As well as name, email and phone number you can ask when the prospect is looking to buy, what are they driving now, finance or outright purchase etc.


How Will This Work With My Current Online Marketing?

Dealer Leads is fast and simple to commission. Results are quick, and in most cases we will have you up and running in less than 3 days. Your campaign can run by itself or complement your Adwords or CarSales.Com.Au campaigns.

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Dealer leads is not about clicks, followers, likes, comments or shares – to put it bluntly we deliver bums on seats and tail lights leaving your driveway.
Dealer Leads is measurable, cost effective and is delivered by expert digital marketing professionals. If you’re not trying our service already, you can be pretty certain your competition is.
Our lead generation format is a cost-effective medium that will support your existing product listing ads within other online properties such as
Our goal as an agency is to assist you with new car launches & dealer specific sales events with the objective of acquiring new leads and test drive bookings.


I’m currently using Adwords, Carsales and I have a team running my Social Media. How is Dealer Leads different.

We can’t give away all our secrets but we can tell you that Dealer Leads only runs on Facebook, using your website traffic generated by Carsales and Adwords, or your existing Facebook followers,  we can target these prospects when they are on the Facebook Newsfeed with a simple call to action inviting them to book a test drive or receive a call from your sales team. 

What changes to I need to make to my existing website or CRM ?

Absolutely none.  There is no coding or HTML required for this to work – you will need just one snippet of text to be uploaded to your website, and thats it. It’s a 2 minute process – if you already use Google Tag Manager we can insert the text for you. We are always working with a range of DMS platforms to integrate directly into your CRM. Get in touch to see how we integrate with yours.

How do I ensure the quality of the leads you are providing my Dealership?

The Dealer Lead form automatically populates with the users information provided by Facebook. This standard information includes name, email address, phone number and post code. Additionally we can customise 3 other questions such as are you looking to buy a new or used vehicle, are you looking to buy now/next month/3 months etc. What vehicle are you driving now or any other questions relevant to your make/model or Dealership. 

*Based on the Global standard website “conversion to lead” numbers of 2%. And additional campaigns delivered between November 2015 and February 2016 by Sydney Digital Marketing. 100+ leads is based on a minimum ad budget spend per month. Get in touch with us for a tailored quote for your dealership or call 13000LEADS