Ok – so thanks for heading over to our site where we can talk about Facebook audiences in a bit more detail. This video is only 3.5 minutes long, But if you are hungry to grow sales in your business – I’m going to tell you how.

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Audiences. Facebook now has over 16 million users in Australia. We share everything and therefore the data you can access through Facebook ads is vast.

Wether you are a B2B or B2C business – Alot of people stop their Facebook ads after a short while as they cant get the right response or the right ROI.

I’m going to tell you now the 3 things that can ignite your sales via Facebook. 

Firstly. Build your Facebook audiences. You are going to need the Facebook Pixel installed on your website – if you haven’t try the link to learn how.

Why is this so important ? Well as people come through your website you are going to be able to tag them and remarket to them on Facebook after they have left your site. They have already shown some interest in your business or brand so the next ad you remarket to them with on Facebook should offer some sort of incentive to buy or sign up to your list. That way you can start the conversation via email and take it off Facebook. 

But more importantly this pixel will help you build an audience segment that you can talk to directly on Facebook. These people are your future customers.

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Secondly – Video. Video is a great way for you to stop the thumb – and as a format on FB a great way for you to tell your own story and share your brand personality. And – right now – it’s incredibly cost effective. You can offer so much more value through video than a static display image. Just look at the amount of video in the newsfeed today. 

Just like the video you saw on Facebook inviting you to watch this one. If you are here now then we have tagged you and will retarget you on Facebook, with an incentive to speak to us.

The very fact you are here indicates to us that you may need assistance with your marketing. Or you’re our competition – checking us out.

Hello, now go away – you already know this stuff !

Jokes aside – at Sydney Digital Marketing we have spent the last 9 months building our own Facebook audiences that we can talk to on Facebook at any time. These would include people that have watched all my videos – I’ve done about 14 videos now, as well as those who have engaged with our ads as well as those that visited our website.

All of these people are now familiar with our brand or services . Over this time – due to the fact that we are talking to an audience that is aware of Sydney Digital, we become more relevant in our messaging, more precise with our targeting. Using this method and others – we have literally doubled the size of our revenues since the beginning of the year. And we can do the same for you.

And lastly – think through the process from finish to start. Imagine you are having conversation with your prospective customers. For instance we have 2 videos running right now and either one of them has sent you here. One talks to people that have seen my previous videos and the other talks to an audience who have never seen anything to do with SDM. What we are doing here is nurturing our audience through the sales/marketing pipeline. But approaching them slightly differently.  By taking the time to first build your audience – by default you are also building trust and authority for your business or brand.

There are over 1500 posts vying for your attention when you log onto Facebook. The Facebook algorithm boils this down to about 300, depending on your interests and preferences.

So with so much noise going on in the newsfeed – how are you going to make your message stand out and reach the right people?

Again – you need to build your audience. Now depending on your budgets and website traffic volume this is going to take some time. But the good news is once you have made the decision to invest in this the rewards do come quickly.

Provided you follow the next part of the process.

So to wrap up –

Build your Facebook audiences

first – just like Facebook did before they became a 500Billion dollar business.

Get in front of the camera or smartphone and make a video – put your brand personality out there. Never before have we had the ability to reach out to so many people to share our story with – start telling your story now.

Thirdly – Think through the conversation with your audience from finish to start.

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Here’s to your success!