Facebook Ads – Unlock The Secrets

Facebook Ads: Unlock The Secrets

Social media networks tend to crash and burn after accumulating a certain number of users, or being in business for a certain number of years – largely because they fail to adopt a sustainable revenue model. But that’s not the case with Facebook. The general public has been using the site since 2006, and to this day, it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

As of November 2016, the platform enjoys a sizeable monthly 1.79 billion active users worldwide, which translates to a myriad of marketing opportunities for businesses.

However, it’s worth noting that having a Facebook page alone doesn’t guarantee more customers. To reach your target audience more quickly and effectively, Facebook has a nifty Facebook Ads feature that renders audience targeting essentially trouble-free, and offers ad formats to make people pay attention.

What’s even more exciting is Facebook periodically rolls out updates, the latest of which include:

Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers was originally launched in 2012 and upgraded in mid-2016 to be more mobile-friendly—unsurprising, since consumers now rely heavily on mobile.


Image originally from Techcrunch

Facebook Offers allows visitors to more handily claim and redeem offers, as well as find ongoing deals from businesses. Facebook also plans to add unique offer codes that companies can provide through the platform to make things even more convenient for customers.

You can start using Facebook Offers through the Offer Page Composer on your Facebook page, or through your adverts interface.


Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) has been around since 2014, and it’s a way for brands to advertise through Facebook off Facebook. Instead of your ads showing up on Facebook alone, FAN extends their visibility to other users through the platform’s growing list of forged partnerships with third-party apps and mobile sites, such as the Daily Mirror, The Huffington Post, Shazam, and the Kardashian games.


You can access the Audience Network as an ad placement when you configure your ads.

Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads, in a nutshell, are similar to remarketing display ads, which target users based on their past actions on the advertiser’s app or website. U.S. advertisers have been using this feature since 2015. This 2017, Facebook plans to roll it out to other regions.


Image originally Shopify

More User-Friendly Ad Objectives

This update was rolled out in late 2016, and it basically simplifies the way advertisers set their Facebook ads’ objectives. Ad objectives are now streamlined with simpler names for specific objectives, and are more effectively aligned with overall business goals.


Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads is a mobile-specific ad format rolled out in 2016. Easily the most exciting update in this list, it allows businesses to step up their storytelling through immersive, interactive ads. When clicked, the ads go full-screen and provide customers with an experience similar to that of a microsite—complete with images, videos, CTA buttons, and the like.


Image originally from SocialMediaToday.com

You can access this feature through the Facebook Ads Power Editor.

Ads on Instagram Stories

Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the photo-sharing network has exploded in popularity. It helps that Facebook keeps it fresh by adding great features to it. In 2016 alone, it introduced Saved Posts, Business Profiles, and Instagram Stories.

Just recently, Facebook announced that it has brought on 30+ advertisers into Instagram Stories to test the advertising capability of the platform.


Image originally from Adweek.com

Just In

Facebook Messenger Ads have launched in Australia – more to come on this exciting development. At the time of writing there are 4 ways you can use Facebook Messenger to deliver your message. With Messenger Ads these are ads that will appear directly in the Messenger Apps and designed to connect with people instantly.

For now you can use Messenger for the following:

  • 1. Messenger Auto reply
  • 2. Create Ads that open up in Facebook Messenger
  • 3. Using Facebook Messenger for better customer service
  • 4. Better Customer prospecting

Most people today are used to getting instant gratification and responses, and it lives in their back pocket.  They want to interact with business owners who understand this; those they can communicate with via text messages and email because it’s convenient and less intimidating.

That’s why Facebook Messenger is so great, but engaging prospects on it isn’t something that is cut and dry.

You must spend time creating the right strategy for you Facebook Business page to increase engagement first.


Final word

Facebook is working hard to make advertising on its platform easier and more effective for businesses. No time better than now to explore the updates above and see how they’ll impact your advertising results.


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