Amazon Prime Launched Locally This Week.

With 100 Million users in the USA: What does the Amazon Prime launch mean for Australian businesses and online retailers?

Amazon Prime has finally launched in Australia at half the price of the US.

Amazon expect to offer delivery within 2 days to 90% of the country. They hope that the earlier than expected launch will help boost its rather underwhelming launch in Australia.

Success in the USA

In the US over 100 million people subscribe to the Amazon Prime service and in most other markets Prime has been the driver for sales and earnings. With more than 60 million products on the local Amazon site –  that’s a lot – it’s still just a fraction of the 480 million products available on

Will it be as successful down under?

Since its launch overall customer traffic in the 25 billion dollar online retail market has risen 9.1 per cent. However not all aussie retailers are benefiting from the rising tide. Brands such as JB Harvey Norman and Supercheap Auto have lost traffic. While The Iconic, Kogan, Rebel Sport and Dan Murphys have enjoyed stronger web traffic.

Prime will be a game changer here in Australia and I believe it will be a seismic shift for online retail in Australia which has for many years lagged behind the UK and the US.

Personal experience

I’d love to hear about your own Amazon experience in the comments below – has it been good / great/ exceeded expectations or in my wife’s case recently been total disappointment?

So businesses and brands need to be thinking very hard about their online strategies and to be putting the customer experience at the centre of everything they do.


We have just left the Grow With Hubspot event in Sydney today where heard some pretty interesting stats. According To Hubspot 90% of consumers expect an immediate response from customer service representatives. With 55% of people – ie your customers or potential customers relying on word of mouth referrals when choosing a brand or service. 45% look for customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

amazon prime statistics

Therefore your customer experience must excel at every touchpoint. You need to be where your customers are – which is online – and most likely on a mobile device. 

The important questions

So how do you look on mobile?

Is your contact us easy to find?

Is it easy to fill out ?

Does it auto fill or prefill certain details ?

All these little things go a long way to improving your customers or prospects experience. We have an attention span of 8 seconds so if your website experience isn’t up to scratch your prospect is on that back button before you can say google this!

Website Score

If you don’t know where to start with your own website – we run a service available to anyone watching the hustle whereby we score your website out of 100 and tell you the areas where you can improve performance and ultimately your rankings on Google. Hit us up below

So to wrap up – Amazon is gearing up to hit big growth downunder – almost half of the US uses the service and it’s set to upset the aussie retail scene which is already suffering –  if overseas is any example.


Make sure you have your online ducks in a row and are putting the customer experience at the centre of everything you do. If you need a refresher on how to build a good strategy head on over to our blog at  We have loads of insights and tips on how to improve your online marketing performance.

So that’s it for now on this weeks Hustle – I’m Simon Gould I’m the managing director at Sydney Digital Marketing. Along with my smart and not to mention good looking team we help businesses. We get them more leads make more sales and ultimately more profits using smart effective online strategies.