The Weekly Marketing Roundup: 18/06/19

This Weekly Marketing Roundup: 18/06/19 we discuss PWC’s report on the future of advertising, Facebook’s community refocus and Google’s hard-hitting June 2019 Core update. marketingnews sydneydigitalmarketing digitalmarketing weeklymarketingroundup Thank you for tuning into this Weekly Marketing Roundup: 18/06/19. Here we talk about the latest news, challenges, and opportunities affecting the digital marketing landscape today, curated by Sydney Digital Marketing. Join the conversation in the comments below.


PWC’s new report on the future of Internet Advertising

All online advertising categories are expected to grow in the next five years, with most segments bolstered by the arrival of Amazon Advertising. However, both search and online directories are entering a period of maturation, as advertisers for whom these channels are relevant are largely already investing in them. Therefore, media companies that operate within these markets must look to extract incremental value from existing advertisers via the investment in new and sophisticated inventory offerings. For display advertising, growth is being fuelled by online video, a significant brand-building tool for advertisers as mass reach on more traditional channels becomes harder to achieve.


Online video continues to grow as an integral brand building tool for advertisers

Online video advertising is the fastest growing internet advertising category, experiencing 26.2 percent in 2018. This is driven by growing consumer preference for video content, including the popularity of Instagram and Facebook Stories, and YouTube, and increased ease of access to video platforms and services.

Voice search teases new revenue streams

Search engine marketing, as we know it today, will reach a period of maturation as the widespread adoption of smart speakers offers new revenue in the next five years. Voice search has changed the way that consumers search – asking questions, rather than searching for terms.

Two speed market

While the digital media ecosystem is made up of hundreds of players, there are only a vital few major players that advertisers need to use to reach every Australian: Google, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon. This is consistent with most English-speaking markets.

Confusion around digital advertising persists for buyers

Agencies and a lack of alignment between advertising investment decision makers is having an impact on the scale and effectiveness of digital advertising revenue, with BCG reporting that only two percent of brands in Australia and New Zealand have the highest level of digital marketing maturity, where ‘dynamic customer journeys’ are used to achieve business outcomes.

Amazon advertising arrives

Amazon’s launch of their Advertising business arm in Australia in 2019 will see investment in internet advertising grow as a percentage of total marketing budgets. Their offering has been crafted for media agencies and advertisers, and the inventory spans the categories of display, video and search. You can read the full report here.


Facebook Provides Community-Building Tips for Brands in New Report

As social media, in general, becomes more self-aware, and shifts towards more private sharing – as opposed to posting everything out in the open – the importance of online groups is rising, which is an equally relevant shift for marketers to note. Facebook has been making a big push on groups and community building, and this week, on the Facebook IQ research blog, the company has shared some new tips to help brands better utilise online communities in order to establish stronger connection with their target audience.


As explained by Facebook: “A recent global survey revealed that 72% of people see community existing online as much as offline, and fully 74% now expect brands to actively contribute to society. And forward-thinking brands are finding that connecting with the communities that matter most to people can be a powerful way to not just give back but stand out.” To do this, Facebook advises that brands need to redefine how they think about community, offering these key tips on how to boost brand/community connection. Tatiana Peck from Facebook’s Creative Shop team advises that: “It’s really important to commit to the community-inspired approach. You can’t go halfway through the process and ask: “But how is this going to sell my product?” That’s not the point, even though it can absolutely become the outcome.” This goes along with much of the common social media marketing advice – the key word here being ‘social’, its where people go for connection with other like-minded people, not to be sold to. You can read Facebook’s full interview with Tatiana Peck, Global Strategy and Insights Lead at Facebook’s ‘Creative Shop’, here.


Google June 2019 core update finished rolling out on June 8

It took five days for Google to roll out the June 2019 core update and about three-days for the diversity update.

How big was it

We saw some early data around this, while it was still rolling out. Even large publications like the Daily Mail and now CCN, among others are publicly saying how badly this update hit them. Just keep in mind, most of these data snapshots give you insight into a limited fraction of the Google index and do not represent the full impact of these updates. Google did say it announces these core updates because they are “noticeable.”

Update overlapped with another update

This June 2019 core update did overlap with the diversity update. The Google Core Update started on June 3 through June 8, and the Google diversity update started on June 4 through June 6.

Why we should care

When Google releases larger updates, knowing when the update began and ended is useful for tracking traffic increases and decreases in our analytics. The timestamps help us understand if a site got hit by a specific algorithm update, technical issue, or other issue that might be unrelated. When updates overlap, it makes it a lot harder to analyse and understand. But good SEOs should be able to dig into these updates and see how much of an impact each had on a specific site and at a given time. Read the winners and the losers from the update here (among the hardest hit were and For more on Google’s core algorithm update, please see our Weekly Marketing Roundup: 18/06/19 post on LinkedIn here.


How important is the LinkedIn SSI score & how can I use it?

What are your thoughts on the LinkedIn Social Selling Index score – vanity metric or valuable tool? The validity and usefulness of LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) continues to be a source of much debate among those in sales, leadership and digital marketing.

What is LinkedIn’s SSI score?

LinkedIn describes its Social Selling Index as a “first-of-its-kind measure of a company’s or individual’s adaptation of the four pillars of selling on LinkedIn, based on a scale of 0 to 100.” Performance in each of the four pillars is measured, and the compiled score is your Social Selling Index ranking. The maximum score for each pillar is 25 and LinkedIn says the SSI is a “measure of a salesperson’s social selling skills and execution”. LinkedIn also claims that “statistics show that as a salesperson’s social selling index rises, so does their sales success.”


LinkedIn’s SSI score measures you, or your company’s, performance in four key areas, also known as the LinkedIn SSI pillars. They are:

  1. Create a Professional Brand
  2. Find the Right People
  3. Engage with Insights
  4. Build Strong Relationships

What information can I gain from my LinkedIn SSI score?

From your LinkedIn SSI score, you can determine how well you’re doing in building your profile to attract the right kind of clients, while establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field. As you complete your profile with the customer in mind and publish meaningful posts, your professional brand score will begin to rise.

How do I improve my LinkedIn SSI score?

Completing your profile with the customer in mind. Increase your visibility by posting and interacting with high-quality content that’s helpful and appropriate for followers. Searching for, and reaching out to, viable prospects, and utilising warm introductions to grow your network. Connect with other users and start building on the foundation of trust that’s necessary for establishing and maintaining successful relationships.   Your LinkedIn SSI score can be accessed in our Weekly Marketing Roundup: 18/06/19 post on LinkedIn:


The highest engagement Entertainment Content on Social Media [Infographic]

To glean more insight into the digital media consumption habits of social platform users, GlobalWebIndex conducted a survey of more than 130,000 internet users, aged 16-54, to get their input into what they watch online, how they watch it, and what they find most engaging. The results are below:


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