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Developing a content marketing strategy that works is hard. You need to understand your audience very well. You also need to consistently create high-quality content, so you can get people to share and link your content, all with the hopes of getting people to visit your site. The only downside is this process takes a lot of time. And even if you do everything right, you may not get the traffic you need. Read More in 7 Growth Hacks To Improve Your Content Strategy


“In most cases, how you present your content is just as important as what you write about.
Depending on how you structure your articles, what you include in them, and what media format you use to present them, your results will be different.
Some posts are great for spreading through social media, but they may not attract many backlinks. Others create a ton of engagement, but not much else.
Some can even help you begin a valuable relationship with an influencer.
My point is: All content you produce should be with an end-goal in mind. Know what you’re trying to accomplish.” Read More in The 5 Types of Content That Attract the Most Backlinks