Our process

Business success isn’t achieved by sheer luck.
It requires a dedicated and proven process that examines, questions, explores and acts.

At Sydney Digital Marketing our process is as meticulous as you’d expect, ensuring each of the five steps lead to the kind of marketing impact that creates successful engagement and sales revenue.


Let’s have a friendly chat

Great successes often evolve from informal chats. So to begin with we’d love to hear more about your business and what digital marketing success looks like to you. From there we can talk you through what Sydney Digital Marketing can do for your business to ensure you’re reaching the right audience with maximum impact. Whether it’s coffee, a visit to your office or a join.me meeting, let’s talk!


Marketing Gameplan

Here, we share with you our tried and true formula and customise a complete strategy crafted exclusively for your business and your goals. Our 60-point set up process is every bit as thorough as it sounds and ensures we start from a strong foundation so that digital marketing success can follow.


Wins within reach

During this stage we can identify areas that can be improved on quickly and efficiently so we can gain real results, fast. Think of this as target practice that can show you just how far Sydney Digital Marketing can take you.


Full Rollout

By now your campaign is live and you are already seeing results. From here we meticulously monitor and assess the campaign to ensure it’s firing on all cylinders and gaining the best traction possible. While you will start seeing significant results within the first four weeks, it’s the 8 weeks that follow when things really heat up through effective optimisation.


Tweaking for Perfection

The right numbers underlines digital success and we review these on a daily basis to ensure they are where they should be. Our senior team members are always across your campaign so we ensure your digital dollars are hard at work providing the best ROI possible. Taking deep dives into the figures and stats we discover trends and adjust your campaigns accordingly.