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So if you’ve just joined from my Facebook Live hello – over the next few minutes I want to talk to you about how the changes to the Facebook news feed will affect businesses and advertisers – there are lots of views – I’m not certain that anyone is 100% correct but here’s our thinking. Firstly the Facebook team – are a smart bunch. Whilst they are talking about making Facebook about People to People Person To Persondon’t be fooled. This is about monetisation of the Facebook Platform. Now in order to do that they need to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience for all. Let’s face it there is a lot of bullshit, fake news, depressing stories and click bait in our newsfeed as the platform has grown over the last decade the feel good factor of Facebook has faded. So what Mark Z and the team have decided to do is clean up the FB newsfeed. How? – firstly person to person is prioritised – more from friends less from publishers and businesses. Long thoughtful replies get priority over likes and short replies like LOL and WTF! Now, what does this mean to businesses like yours and an agency like ours that rely on staying in business by helping businesses like yours make sales and generate leads – from Facebook.  There are a couple of links at the bottom of this page as well that link to some very authoritative sources that discuss this in even further detail – as well as a snappy video just released by Facebook – that it explains it in layman’s terms – from their perspective. So lets cut to the chase – here’s our take This not Facebook armageddon – this is an opportunity to make your businesses shine and get results from the world’s number one advertising and media platform. Use Live Video – don’t abuse live video. Use it where its relevant and adds value to your audience. Its all about experimentation and you won’t get it right the first time – at Sydney Digital Marketing we have gone from pre-recorded video – which resulted in us doubling our business – to using short live videos – like the one that most likely got you here – as well as longer form live video where we are interviewing interesting marketers and entrepreneurs who have a story to tell us and can inspire our audience. Content is still King, Long Live the King – what resonates with your audience, what makes the inbox ping and the telephone ring? Bearing in mind the newsfeed is full and over 60% of advertisers report that they got shithouse results from advertising on Facebook – why is that? Its because it’s not just about boosting a post and putting $50 a time on it and hoping for the best. You need to build trust and authority first – you need to build an audience first – just as Facebook themselves has done. Then you start to add more value so that people decide to pull out their wallet or pick up the phone. At SDM we struggle in some cases but overwhelmingly given time and a commitment from a client we can generate 3, 4 and more than 6 times return on investment in many cases.  Your content and creative needs to stop the thumb. Just look around you next time you are commuting or walking around the streets of your city or town – most of us have our heads buried in our smartphones and most of us are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook – how can you stand out, offer value, and get people to engage with your content and message. Asking users to comment like or share to win or tag a friend who also likes heart attack cheeseburgers made from penguins or mermaid tresses will also be verboten – so don’t it – plus it’s just a shitty way to create engagement and who needs to see that shit in their feeds anyway ?? And this is where you need to get smart as a marketer – Facebook state every clearly they want engagement – so you need to be authentic and real. Speaking of Authentic and real – if you haven’t considered a group for your business then maybe now is the time to start exploring that too. You can now link groups to Facebook business pages and its a great way to create community and ensure your message reaches your audience – again – don’t abuse it – but its another option of staying front of mind. Always be thinking how does this add value to my clients, customers, brand – and potential customers or users. Just getting a little less tactical for a minute – again think about Facebook and the juggernaut its become – their share price has gone from $30 when thy first floated to over $180 (until this announcement when they dropped 5%). AMAZON, GOOGLE, and APPLE are up at over 800 on most days – AMAZON at over 1000. Facebook has a lot of room for growth right now – here’s an easy way to digest this most recent announcement – FB has over 60 million Business Pages – only 5 million of them pay to advertise – by cleaning up the news feed of the shit posts and click bait they create more real estate to sell ads – they are sincerely encouraging us to interact more with posts and create longer comments and pieces of feedback. At the end of the day, we see this as a good move for advertisers and businesses. Facebook is constantly evolving and testing things on the platform – I remember when the like button was introduced and that too created uproar on the young but fast-growing social media platform. In saying all of that – this is still early days – the jury is still out on how this exactly plays out but if you bear in mind the points I’ve made over the last few minutes – Facebook Live, Good content that adds value, Learn the Facebook Ads platform inside and out – or employ a seasoned team with proven success to do it for you.

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