Audit My Website

Audit My Website

One of the best ways to build a successful digital marketing strategy is to ensure that your foundations are solid, and if not, to take measures to make them better.

How do you know if your online base is rock solid though?

You could follow run-of-the-mill best practices, sure, but what we’ve found over years of building client campaigns is that every industry, and brand within each industry, has things that work and things that don’t.

Use the things that work, amplify them, and fix those that don’t – that’s what our Website Audit Pro does best.

Why Should I Audit My Website?

The best way to build a successful digital marketing strategy is to start off with a solid website.

An audit gives you the tools to build your website’s foundation.

But why do I need a solid foundation in the first place?

Every prospect, lead or customer that interacts with your brand will do so through your site. If your site doesn’t fulfil its purpose then customers will not execute their purchase.

Having a highly converting site is vital – a website audit provides a roadmap to how this can be achieved.

Your audit will also show you how to drive more traffic from Google.

Most purchases online involve intent-based searching on Google. To take advantage of this searching, means you need to be ranking above your competitors for industry keywords (topics).

If you do this right, more traffic from Google will feed into your site. Assuming that you have optimised your site conversion rate as well, this will improve you sales volume.

What Do I Get?

Your Audit will meticulously go through every part of your website, every morsel of code and every word, using some pretty effective software to get insights into exactly what you’re doing well and what you can improve.

We’ll then prepare a recommendations presentation and take you through exactly what we’ve learned and how to apply it to your business to maximise your month-on-month growth.

Your audit’s findings can be broken down
into 9 key areas:

Competitive analysis of your competitors

Replicate your competitor’s success and improve on their strategies.

Technical, site architecture and internal link structure review

Ensure your customer experience directs them to a point of purchase effectively.

User experience, bounce rate and page metrics

Determine the effectiveness of pages at keeping users on your site.

Google crawling and indexing issues that hinder high search rankings

Create more opportunities for you to generate leads and customers.

Content review including low-value and duplicate content

Ensure your content appeals to the interests, needs, and problems of your buyer personas.

Page load time testing (a new Google ranking factor)

Users will leave your site if they have to wait too long, Google sees this as a bad thing.

Creation of a reporting framework to track ongoing site performance

Implement a consistent framework for website efficiency after the audit is complete.

A high-level review of your current Google Analytics implementation

View your current site traffic and performance, compared to post-audit changes.

These audit findings will help you optimise new strategies – to put you in the best position for future digital campaigns and maximise your marketing dollars.

What do I get if I want Sydney Digital to implement
the audit findings?

Our team of Digital Growth Consultants who have implemented 100’s of competitor audits.

A 1-hour scope meeting to uncover things we’ve seen your competitors doing.

Discussion on your brand’s online presence including website, landing pages, marketing campaigns and anything else you’re doing online.

Specialist audit software to implement data-driven insights and beat your competition.

A report outlining recommendations we discover during implementation.

A plan on how to easily apply quick wins to your own business.

(additional cost) Implementation of any marketing campaigns, other tactics and opportunities found in the competitor audit.

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