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About Us

The Magic Button

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Since 2012 Sydney Digital Marketing have always sought to answer the pressing online questions that often plague competitive industries and their online spheres. We get, perhaps, that our business is different to yours, but this is a good thing. Our wilfulness to try new things, offer different perspectives and build relationships is the core learning curve we follow with every new partnership. So before you discover how Sydney Digital Marketing can help you launch something new and exciting with your brand, discover why we want to.

Our founders have a rich history in the offline realm of dialup kiosks and online hub of ‘Imum’ Facebook pages – specialising in experimental Turkish towel design. These realms of business are certainly not the array of brands we deal with now, but origins in marketing seldom start off without a niche.

Way back, when digital was just starting up and all you had to go on was a money-out, money-in strategy, our now-analytic experts, often ran around physically chasing leads – using an outbound strategy involving cardio, persistence and yelling. Throwing ads at the customer and hoping one would stick was commonplace. Such was the world before inbound marketing & listening to the customer. A confusing time for all, when online transparency was opaque and the one-way, immeasurable marketing of print and media was all the rage.

Fast forward to the .com surge marketing agencies experienced in the early 10s, ushering in the tween years of Facebook, and the the arrival of our operations savant, Ben K, slightly after. Our hustle, however, wouldn’t have been complete without an avant-garde investment partner. Former CEO of MAMBO, Angus K, sat down with our MD for a coffee fuelled conversation that resembled the immortal Remington ad, “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company” – resulting in a flavourful brewed blend of java and passion.

Our O.G trio has since combined eccentric creativity with logical thinking and campaign precision. This has resulted from the ‘opposites attract’ adage of a healthy ‘marketing’ relationship, that produce outside-the-box, data-driven campaigns.

Our creative team, from all walks (and industries) of life, give this innovative spin – a whirl– to offer brands a signature lens of (French) creativity. Hailing from all corners of the world, our different personalities & expertise shine through to create our team of cause-and-effect enthusiasts. Our sage data specialists, can tussle with your numbers and campaigns to keep everything, including our creative team, reigned in.

Our brand, and by extension our services, are constructed to add value, so it’s vital that each tool within of our marketing machine, I.e. our people, work together seamlessly. As you can see, Sydney Digital Marketing pride ourselves on our efficiency and cliches. We only ask that you realise why you need to make this marketing decision, so we can show you how. These make up your commitment to our team, and our commitment to doing what we enjoy – understanding why your customers buy.

Now you know our story, Find out how we can add to yours.

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Our Team

Angus Kingsmill
Simon Gould
Managing Director
Ben Kinnaird
Head Of Operations
Inese Kingsmill
Cedric Paquotte
Head Of Design
Sandy Pham
Office Manager
Max Fuller
Digital Strategist
Nitish S Dhiman
Social Campaigns Manager
Temugue Namjisuren
Content And Animation Specialist
Pooja Rathee
Web Developer
Andy Georgio
Content And Copyrriting Specialist